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More Gun Blogger Rendezvous Stuff

US Citizen and Joe Huffman discuss our chat with the NRA.

Pics from the range trip. Tons of gun porn.

Random quotes from GBR:

This thing is a piece of sex.

Me describing the Ko-tonics 6.8 SPC upper.

It’s impressive to see an NRA guy who knows how to clear a weapon

Me, having a little fun at Glen’s expense. Glen was the speaker from NRA.

Update: I’ll have more updates on it tomorrow or Monday. In between activities and poker, I’ve not had much time to blog.

4 Responses to “More Gun Blogger Rendezvous Stuff”

  1. Justthisguy Says:

    Ah, I see that the big boys (and girls) must have taken my advice, and pressed you with heavy weights until you pled guilty!

    The peine forte et dure works every time!

  2. Snowflakes in Hell » Blog Archive » GBR Shooting Event Says:

    […] I see USCitizen has pictures up already, and there’s some commentary by Uncle. […]

  3. Rob Says:

    This thing is a piece of sex.

    That needs to be put on the Ko-tonics site with a “-Uncle” under it.

  4. GBR-II: Review of the KO-TONICS LT68 at Traction Control Says:

    […] With a four rail fore-end, A2-style flash suppressor, flip-up sights, the appearance was amazing – quoted from SayUncle: “This thing is a piece of sex.” […]