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So, it looks as though WKRN gave AC his boys back. You’d have never seen this two weeks a go.

Update: Ya know, on second reading, it would seem the post is less the balls out editorializing of the past than a relatively tame “news analysis.” Still though, more thinky less linky is always a good thing.

One Response to “Thinky”

  1. #9 Says:

    Hot damn. Return of the Cojones. Maybe AC just decided the no opinion route wasn’t his cup of tea. Either way, good to see AC back.

    On the other blog NiT, it has taken another left turn. They keep it up it will be a Nascar track.

    If NiT is going to be all lefty all the time, they should read up at Lean Left. You don’t have to go the Daily Kos route. But they seem hell bent to do so.

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