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The Knox County Recall Petition

Brian Paone is mad as hell, but he is doing something about it. Mr. Paone has offered Knox County Commission both a challenge and a promise.

The challenge is for County Commission to live up to its recent commitment to insure better government. Paone wants County Commission to create a resolution in November to place a recall referendum on the ballot to amend the Knox County Charter to include a recall provision.

The promise to Commission is that if they choose not to pass the resolution for recall Paone and the citizens of Knox County will take the matter into their own hands with a petition drive.

So do you think County Commission will pass a resolution for recall?

Neither do I. Why not get started today? You can download the petition here. Have people sign in ink and hand deliver the petitions to the Knox County Election Commission at the Knox County Courthouse, #218, 300 Main St. in downtown Knoxville.

5 Responses to “The Knox County Recall Petition”

  1. Brian Paone Says:

    Hi! I’m the aforementioned individual in this piece, and I appreciate #9 spreading the message! I just wanted to add one piece of clarification, though:

    As far as the petitions go, I would much prefer collecting them myself. I and whoever wants to join me will present copies of the petition to the Agenda Committee on November 7 in support of our movement to place the amendment question on the November agenda. In between the Agenda Committee meeting and the General Session on November 19, we will collect even more signatures and present the sum total to the Commission during their review of our agenda item.

    Also, should the Commission elect not to subject the recall amendment to a vote by the people, we will need all of those signatures together in one place in order to go about getting them on a certified petition.

    Finally, state law says that, while many can collect the signatures, only one designated agent can submit them.

    So, if you want to collect some signatures, I’d appreciate it! Just shoot me an email at when you’re finished, and I’ll more than happily come to you and collect them.

    All it takes is a signature and a vote!


    Brian Paone
    Political Knoxville

  2. #9 Says:

    Thanks for the update Brian. It sounds like you have a well thought out plan.

  3. # 9 Says:

    Thanks for the edit Uncle, what is that, a new form of blog Spam? That is the second or third this week.

  4. SayUncle Says:

    Yeah, spammers. Fuckers.

  5. Brian Paone Says:

    We now offer an online petition that we are going to use in conjunction with the paper petition when we face the Commission in November. It can be found here:

    This way, if you don’t get the opportunity to sign the paper petition, you can still let your voice be heard.

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