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Lamar is back, and he wants to tax your blog

I could be wrong, but is this a good idea in any way? I think this is a very bad idea.

WASHINGTON A monthly phone bill of $50 includes as much as $10 in taxes. And some in Congress warn that consumers soon could be hit with similar assessments for high-speed Internet access.

For nearly a decade, the lines carrying the Internet into homes and businesses have been a virtual tax-free zone. But that could change Nov. 1, when a federal ban on Internet access taxes expires.

There is strong bipartisan support in Congress for a permanent extension of the existing access tax ban, which the White House also backs.

But two former governors, Sens. Thomas R. Carper, D-Del., and Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., are pushing a compromise backed by state and local governments that a Senate committee will consider today.

Almost everybody agrees the politically popular moratorium should be extended to encourage continued investment in the high-speed lines crucial to delivering phone calls and video.

8 Responses to “Lamar is back, and he wants to tax your blog”

  1. Gmac Says:

    Perhaps Lamar didn’t get the happygram mailed out in the last election, raising taxes and spending like a drunken sailor doesn’t cut it anymore.

  2. DirtCrashr Says:

    It’s a bad-stupid idea in every respect, so of course it will be embraced by our sub-population of bad-stupid idiots: politicians.

  3. Linoge Says:

    Just remember, one only employs taxation when you want to discourage something. Of course, that would indicate politicians of our fine country have something against saving money, or being productive members of society, or stuff like that… I guess that is no surprise, though.

  4. # 9 Says:

    The whole f’ing economy is based on Internet communications. What is he thinking? I can’t find a way to describe it. Howard Dean stupid? Is that close?

  5. thirdpower Says:


    You just answered your own question. Just like the cigarettes in TN, they care about a cash influx and they see the net as a way to generate more of it.


  6. blackfork Says:

    Democrats have their blood up.

  7. Magus Says:

    state and local governments thieves Lying sacks of duckbill platypus dung worry that more of their tax revenues will disappear ?

    They’re not getting any money from that source to begin with–therefore it can’t “disappear”.

  8. BobG Says:

    Politicians would tax the air we breathe if they had a way to monitor it.