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Tom King is advocating that the military make the switch to something with more oomph. I’m not opposed to the notion. And there will be 6.8SPC combat edition upper at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous provided by Ko-tonics. You can see the combat edition here.

7 Responses to “6.X”

  1. GunMonkey Says:

    The only issue I have with the 6.8 SPC is that perhaps someday one of our soldiers may wish to shoot something at a range of more than 300 meters and hit it.

    And those that claim that most of the fighting take place at ranges of around 100m and there is no need for accuracy at ranges greater than that I ask “Please explain how someone, who is obviously suffering the effects of crack cocaine use, got to be in a position to have a valid opinion on anything?”

  2. alex. Says:

    We just need to go back to the good old 7.62×51 (and the .45ACP).

  3. Josh Says:

    Since I’ve seen people make cold bore hits on targets well beyond 300m with 6.8SPC, I’m not sure what the point of the first comment is. Wait – let me guess – advocating for Grendel since it has a better ballistic coefficient and marginally more terminal performance out beyond 600 yards?

    Anything is a step up from 5.56, and 7.62 isn’t practical in terms of the average rifleman.

  4. straightarrow Says:

    Why isn’t 7.62 practical for the average rifleman?

  5. Ninth Stage Says:

    Here’s an alternative round: 6mmAR

  6. dr mac Says:

    Need to hit something at over 300 yds ?

    “Hey you, the one with the Cheytac .408”

    Done deal.

  7. GunMonkey Says:

    Anecdotal evidence aside. I think that I will be skeptical of a round that supposedly is 2800fps but even with reloads most people only get around 2600fps. this with a 24″ barrel. I’m of the opinion that 6.8 is more hype than substance.

    6.5 Grendel? Can’t say that I am a proponent of it, I’ve only given it a cursory glance, but having some sort of engineering degree and more than a bit of practical experience with military small arms I’d say it looks good. No offense but I’d be more willing to believe the numbers than the “I have a friend crowd”

    I’m more of a 7.62×54 fan, but of course the M14 is pretty much dead and gone to the military at large.