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Verdict is in for the Knox County Commission Sunshine lawsuit

Judgement for the plaintiffs, the Knoxville News Sentinel and 9 individual citizens. The verdict is unanimous.

Chancellor Fansler will prepare his remedies which may take several days.

From WATE:

The jury had to come to unanimous decisions on 29 separate questions regarding whether the state’s Sunshine Law was violated when Knox County Commission appointed 12 new officeholders in January.

Those questions were broken into five categories:

The January 19 letter signed by 14 of the 19 commissioners saying they supported a special meeting on January 31 to make the appointments

Rules and procedures for nominations and appointments

Were choices for appointments made before January 31?

Recesses taken by Commission during the appointments process on January 31

Swearing-in of appointees done during the appointments process on January 31

Several of the questions in each category asked jurors to decide whether two or more commissioners deliberated or decided on someone’s appointment before it was done.

One Response to “Verdict is in for the Knox County Commission Sunshine lawsuit”

  1. Rustmeister Says:

    This all falls back to when the comissioners put their wives/husbands/children in to replace them?

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