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# 9’s Excellent Adventure in Reasoned Discoursetm

As you may know last week I took the reigns of Nashville’s television station WKRN website blog NiT “Nashville is Talking”. No one including me knew what to expect. NiT was a pioneer in having not one but two blogs with paid commentators. Brittney Gilbert commented at NiT and Adam Kleinheider commented at Volunteer Voters. Brittney Gilbert resigned from NiT after being harassed by the extremist left wing bloggers from the Jesus General blog. Shortly after this program director Mike Sechrist left WKRN and changes were seen at both WKRN blogs.

A string of guest bloggers who were unpaid came through NiT. None could find the magic formula until William took control of NiT. For months posts of extremist leftist yellow blogism spewed forth. These were reruns from the Daily Kos, Media Matters, Democrat Underground,, Pandagon, and of course Jesus General. It was the worst kind of Hate America First tripe available in Tennessee, which is no small accomplishment. It was as if George Soros had a telepathic link to William.

A few people stayed to comment at NiT. Ninety percent of the commenters were cheerleaders like Jefferson Prestonian and democommie, one of the Jesus General boys who blogs from New Jersey of all places. For every post they would give out four or five “great post” attaboys. The other ten percent of commenters were like myself who kept asking what was WKRN thinking allowing this hate trash on their blog.

After many challenges from the William cheerleaders I volunteered to see if I could help NiT. For four and a half days I tried. I made a total of six posts. It was the fourth post that created the problem. I had linked to a post by Kat Cobble at MCB “Music City Bloggers” which was a denial post from the renowned Southern Beale. Beale advocated the idea that winguts were using the subhuman treatment of women in Iran to provide a justification for the War on Terror. Kat called bullshit and so did I. So did a lot of other people because the post at MCB is the most commented post in that blogs history. In fact there were 30 comments at NiT on the Southern Beale thread before the plug was pulled.

I don’t know the specifics of why WKRN allowed over a hundred posts from William like this gem, “Nobel Peace Prize Winner says: “Right now, I could kill George Bush”. Yet I make a post about a Nashville blogger questioning her Hate America First philosophy and the plug is pulled. The reason from WKRN is that since I was a pseudonymous blogger I presented possible legal issues.

This is the post that caused the Reasoned Discoursetm:

Meanwhile over at MCB…

By Number9

September 28th, 2007 – 10:54 am

Southern Beale is doing what Southern Beale does. Beale believes the radical Islamic fanatics don’t stone people to death. Because. Just because.

Kat, I’m surprised this is an issue over here at MCB. I don’t as a rule delete the comments of people who post at my blog, I frankly don’t have enough of them to worry about it, but this person was obviously a troll and I’m surprised you’d give them the time of day, let alone repeat what could easily be fabrications in an MCB post.

So if you don’t agree with Ms. Beale you are a troll and a sock puppet.

I have no idea why the plug at NiT was pulled. A reason has been given but it leaves more questions than answers. All I can figure is I crossed swords with a powerful local blogger who can pick up the phone and make things happen. William had one post out of over a hundred pulled. Yet every post I put up is gone. There was one other post that may have caused some fireworks, a post from Sharon Cobb about the pledge of Allegiance and how it is “Irrelevant And Wrong”. On this post I just provided the link, a quote, and no commentary. Isn’t that pretty benign?

What in the hell is going on at Nit? William slanders and ridicules the President of the United States and the American people on a daily basis but I question two local feminist bloggers and every post is pulled. No liberal bias there? Co-blogger SayUncle commented on this Reasoned Discoursetm, “You can be controversial over at Nashville’s Blog Community Is In The Shitter so long as, you know, you’re a left wing loon and not a right wing loon.

Seriously, what is going on at Nit? Is it part of the George Soros network now?

For over a hundred posts William shared with Nashville his Hate America First philosophy. Let a Conservative stick up for this country at NiT and all the posts are pulled. I think the message is pretty clear, if you want a level playing field you cannot find it at NiT. For a level playing field in Nashville blogging I recommened Music City Bloggers.

23 Responses to “# 9’s Excellent Adventure in Reasoned Discoursetm

  1. #9 Says:

    Uncle, can you fix the title for me?

  2. Kat Coble Says:

    Couple of things:
    1. Sechrist actually left before Brittney.

    2. I have no evidence to back this up at all; it’s just a hunch. But I would imagine that it’s possible Sharon Cobb may have complained to Grantham. I know she’s been upset with you previously.

    3. Thanks for the recommendation. We try. We’d even love to have you blog over at our place.

  3. Metulj Says:

    “I took the reigns” — I took the reins


  4. #9 Says:

    But I would imagine that it’s possible Sharon Cobb may have complained to Grantham. I know she’s been upset with you previously.

    You must have read my mind Kat. I wondered the exact same thing.

    You know why?

    Because the plug was pulled on me just after I made a post about this from Sharon Cobb’s blog where she attacks the Pledge of Allegiance as “Irrelevant And Wrong”.

    Propaganda. Pure propaganda. So now, we also have bastardized the original Pledge for a political statement. Moreover, in my opinion, it’s blasphemy because it’s using the name of the almighty for political gain…

    …sort of like Presidential candidates and most politicians do today.

    Did I get blackballed because of Sharon Cobb? The time frame fits that idea perfectly. And if that is true, what does that tell you about WKRN? Is it all blue all the time?

  5. Phelps Says:

    We have always been at war with Eurasia. Anything else goes down the memory hole.

  6. Kat Coble Says:

    I think rather that from what I have seen they will now delete posts which receive complaints. (One of William’s was deleted after complaints, as was one of Dan Birdwhistel’s)

    Of course, I assume they don’t want it getting out that they’ll delete a post after a complaint. Because then all CG would do is field complaints about posts.

    As to why they deleted everything you wrote, I have less of an idea–as the whole “the community knows Nemesis Girl” is bullshit.

  7. #9 Says:

    I think rather that from what I have seen they will now delete posts which receive complaints.

    Maybe NiT received complaints on every post? I am thinking speed dial.

  8. Rustmeister Says:

    This is what happens when Big Media get involved in something they know nothing about.

    Complainers and contrarians are the norm in Blog World, but Big Media just can’t stand the two-way conversation.

  9. newscoma Says:

    Seems like as good a place as any, but last week I was asked by Ivy if I was Nemesis Girl, Kat.

    I’m not. I’m too self-promoting. 🙂

  10. Ginger Says:

    It is absolutely unfair that William was allowed to post hate-filled rhetoric for 3 months, and yet #9 is given only 3 days.

    None of this has been good PR for NiT…none of it.

  11. # 9 Says:

    Uncle, did you see this coming?

    You don’t have to be Perry Mason to figure this one out. I got canned within 15 minutes of the post about Sharon Cobb.

    It’s Deja vue all over again.

  12. straightarrow Says:

    One cannot roll around in the sty without getting pig shit on himself.

  13. William Says:

    Hate filled rhetoric? You consider debating politics and global warming ‘hate filled’ rhetoric? Do you consider CNN’s Jack Cassidy or Bill Maher purveyors of ‘hate-filled rhetoric’? BS!

    As #9 said it’s discourse. EVERY post I ever made was backed up with links to a factual news story of some kind. If you call ‘news’ ‘hate-filled rhetoric’, you must be living in candyland.

    I am disappointed you’d say my posts “slanders and ridicules the President of the United States and the American people on a daily basis”. Ridicules, maybe … but for reasons well supported, and slander, no way. Slander implies lies. I didn’t lie about anything unless the source I linked to was lying. As a true authoritarian, you choose to see it as ‘Hate America’ speech, I guess our founding fathers were accused of the same thing in England 200+ years ago. All I have to say is, if you expect people to shut up when they see problems, corruption, injustice, incompetence in our government, maybe China would be a better place to live for you.

    #9, I am truly disappointed that you were pulled off NiT. I don’t understand why #9 was removed, he did nothing wrong as far as I could tell but I hadn’t been reading every detail.

  14. Donna Locke Says:

    I’m sorry you aren’t still posting there, #9. It was getting interesting. Don’t worry about it. It isn’t worth it. I liked William okay, too, by the way, misguided as he may be. 🙂

  15. Serr8d Says:

    You’re better off where you’re blogging now, #9.

    I can still see your posts in my Google Reader (sans comments) and I can find absolutely nothing out of line about them. It’s a shift to the left by the blogging community in Middle Tennessee. Christian’s lame excuses are evidence of his bias, or a quick jerk of his chain.

    NIT is now pablum. Safe, and worry-free for the nice progressives.

    Villiam, I would rather see your blogging there, again, at least you honestly believe what you blog, and can (sometimes) back up you stuff with facts (even if those ‘facts’ are as gossamer as butterfly wings.) I did enjoy the back and forth.

    What’s this Music City Bloggers? I checked it out for the first time tonight; I’m not even on the blogroll. What, Smyrna too far from Music City?

    I will not apologize for my hard-hitting blogging. To no one. If that means I’m barred from MCB, so be it.

  16. William Says:

    Ahh… Now I understand. I finally did read some of the stuff and it appears #9 tried to tell SoBeale ‘what she thinks.’ This does appear to be a problem because #9 knows this statement is false but used it anyway to smear Beale. It’s a classic authoritarian strawman tactic, exaggerate your opponents position then refute it. This statement seems to be your fatal move:

    “Beale believes the radical Islamic fanatics don’t stone people to death. “

  17. Donna Locke Says:

    One more thing. I wasn’t going to comment about Sharon, because I know she would like to be left out of all this, but I think I will. I like to see everyone have their say, whether I agree with them or not, if they can behave in a reasonably civil manner. I didn’t read the post in which #9 linked to Sharon’s Pledge post (I did comment on Sharon’s blog). I don’t know what was written. But I can understand and appreciate Sharon’s post. I haven’t followed all the local blog wars but enough to observe that Sharon Cobb has often been treated unfairly by several bloggers. It’s something I relate to. Some of you need to think before you write — thought is not always in evidence.

  18. serr8d Says:

    It all came to me in an epiphany this morning whilst I was brushing my teeth.

    There’s some undue influence some ‘Prominent (female?) Blogger(s)’ have over WKRN Management. But I need some additional evidence.

    Can anyone come up with the blue dress?


    (And no, Villiam, don’t go fact-checking your closet…)

  19. # 9 Says:

    Donna, I made no comment on Sharon’s post. I used her title, provided a hyperlink, and quoted two paragraphs.

    There was no commentary. The post was what was in the aggregator.

    Is Sharon so thin skinned that aggregating a post of hers sends her off? That seems irrational.

  20. # 9 Says:

    Uncle had it right when he wrote NiT is “deader than disco”.

    Here is a comment from their new conservative blogger Mike:

    Serr8d, I have been accused of being conservative, and I am now allowed to post here. If you are looking for the everyone should own six assault rifles to protect America from the scourge of the impure type of “conservative,” I’m not your nut. But, if you’re willing to engage with someone who generally leans right but does not oppose everything from the supposed left simply because it blows from the West, then perhaps we can dispense with the cliches and have a conversation?

    On what issues do you believe a conservative viewpoint is lacking?

    That is a conservative?

  21. # 9 Says:

    I didn’t lie about anything unless the source I linked to was lying.

    Plausible deniability by design. Sources matter.

  22. Mike Says:

    Here is a comment from their new conservative blogger Mike: [snip]
    That is a conservative?

    I was not asked about my political views by anyone at NiT. You seem to infer from my unwillingness to act like an uncouth lunatic that I do not share your political viewpoints.

    All you should conclude is that I don’t feel (as you apparently do) that I know everything, and now must mock all who are unfortunate enough to disagree.

  23. # 9 Says:

    When you speak about your unwillingness to act like an “uncouth lunatic” are you referring to your comment “everyone should own six assault rifles to protect America from the scourge of the impure type of “conservative”?

    That doesn’t sound like Reasoned Discourse to me. It sounds uncouth and even little lunatic.

    You even snipped it in your reply. Do your own words bother you?

    Isn’t it very clear a litmus test is required to post at NiT? Your denial seems to back that up.

    I won’t be back to NiT.

    Carry on, your course is set. Sail on to Daily Kos land.

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