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More ATF Woes

Oh dear:

I’ve received the attached pdf file (small, 134K) from someone in the know. It details ATF agents’ complaints regarding how managers are conducting themselves. Here are a few snippets:

” Field agents have attempted to challenge the un-ethical, and illegal actions of field managers through various means in recent years only to meet with retaliation so destructive it almost inevitably results in the challenges or allegations being withdrawn.”

There’s more. The ATF continues its troubled times:

Lying in court and getting slapped for it.

Bullying bloggers

Lying (or time-traveling) to make a case that one of their auditees is harassing them.

A circuit court smacks them down for their ruling on model rockets;

An agent testified under oath that the NFRTR (the NFA weapons database) was corrupt;

Having budget issues due to mismanagement;

Being investigated for breaking he law at Virginia gun shows.

And they’ve had funds cut for some of their rather, err, dubious programs.

The ATF Director has resigned over excessive and lavish spending.

The now former head of the ATF ordered staff to do his nephew’s homework.

And employees are coming forward with allegations of mismanagement.

And getting smacked down for disregarding the law.

2 Responses to “More ATF Woes”

  1. blackfork Says:

    Doesn’t matter. They can do anything and get away with it, plus get more money and power.

  2. SayUncle » More ATF Woes Says:

    […] Unethical and illegal actions from field managers. […]

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