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The Revolutionary’s Cookbook

Adam Kleinheider of Volunteer Voters gave a little link love on an idea I first presented on KnoxViews.

Maybe this can help some gunnys in protecting 2nd Amendment Rights?

From today’s NiT post that Adam linked on VV.:

You want to see that local politicians have no choice but to represent the citizens? Then shine the light of day on them, ten minutes at a time.

YouTube is the newest tool for people that wish to make those who represent them accountable. In this revolution more eyes make for better government.

Do you wish that when a local politico gives a variance to a developer that the people could see it? It isn’t possible for the newspapers and television news programs to cover every aspect of public meetings. In fact most public meetings receive little coverage or commentary. And they are as interesting as watching paint dry. But there is a way you can shine the light.

When politicos try to erode our 2nd Amendment Rights put them on YouTube for everyone to see.

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