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They’ve tried it and failed

Laura Washington thinks that, since we’re winning, anti-gunners should get active on the internet since begging isn’t working. She says:

To defeat the gun lobby, gun-control activists need to get out of late-night local cable and embrace the Internet

They’ve tried. And they can’t stand the heat (google up reasoned discoursetm or search my archives). Laura, they try. And we keep knocking them down. You see, anti-gunners simply don’t have the base pro-gunners do. There are millions of us. And the million mom march, at last count, had about 24 people. And the anti-gunners simply cannot keep up when there is a forum for which we can refute their claims.

See, the Brady Campaign couldn’t stand the heat when people can refute their misleading claims. So, they just parrot. No comments, limited updates and yawn. And, of course, there was no better source for pro-gun information than the Brady Blog itself.

Bryan Miller went poof too. After four posts, no updates in over a month. And his condescending tone in comments there and his refusal to address rebuttals in a rational manner only reinforced the notion that he was in over his head.

Gonzo is a joke with no readers.

Robyn Ringler tried too. But she soon was frantically deleting comments that didn’t support her view and eventually shut them off because, like the others, she can’t hang.

See, when your entire viewpoint relies upon misleading people or, well, flat-out lying, you simply cannot have an audience point that out. Laura continues:

The People of the Gun are beating their drums on websites from in Washington State, to in Vermont. Every time a plea for gun restrictions surfaces on the Internet, the gun stalwarts furiously post hundreds of missives in homage to the Second Amendment.

Through organizing, the Internet, and plunking down plenty of cold hard cash, the gun lobby has proven it is ready for primetime. Meanwhile, its opponents are languishing in the wee-hours of late-night local cable.

And who plunked down cash? These are just websites set up by people and not a lobby. No one paid them. You’re just lying. Your side can’t say the same thing because the Joyce Foundation has bought and paid for the anti-gun side’s blogs to the tune of $60K$650K. Strangely, no one has to pay me or Jeff at Alphecca. Why, Laura, do you suppose that is? More:

After last spring’s massacre at Virginia Tech, ABC News polled adults nationwide and asked: “Do you favor or oppose stricter gun control laws in this country?” Sixty-one percent favored them, 36 percent were opposed and 3 percent were “unsure.”

But what about those polls last month? More:

That majority is represented by well-meaning citizen groups, like the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and graying civil rights stalwarts like the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson and his Rainbow/PUSH. Their tactic is to organize anti-gun marches and rallies to push for stricter gun laws and penalties. But here’s a news flash: No one is listening.

Because gun control is what you do instead of something.

The majority’s collective voice is being ignored. The anti-gun movement must mount a strong response.

Now, I see the problem. You think you’re the majority. Well, sparky, you’re not. Period.

Gun control activists: start playing the other side’s game by embracing technology. Progressives: harness the Internet and aim it at Democratic and independent voters.

They’ve tried. And failed. Read above.

The NRA has built a juggernaut of a website that networks gun advocates from hither to yon. A modest investment and some digital ingenuity could pave the way for digital networks in black churches, sororities and other civic groups in black urban America to fight back.

I dunno about juggernaut. I mean, they’ve linked me before and I didn’t quite notice a huge uptick in traffic.

Fact is, we’re winning because the facts and reason are on our side. And we outnumber you. Whenever these folks get active on the internet, I’ll be there to send readers their way to address their misrepresentations. And if I don’t, someone else will. And we’re not bought and paid for by anybody. I know it’s convenient to think we are or to think there’s some conspiracy but there is not. We are many. We are passionate. We are right. We are active. And we are smarter.

We’ll be here to shut the next one down too. And I won’t be getting a fat check from the Evil Gun Lobby.

Update: Ayup: I wonder why gun control advocates presume that the pro-gun blogosphere is a big conspiracy bankrolled by the NRA, instead of what it really is, a true grassroots effort by smart people who are passionate about liberty.

Even more: You’re doing it wrong.

Still more: Bigoted much: On us being almost exclusively of white men from suburban and rural areas:

I think Bitter, Tam, Denise, ZendoDeb, and Squeaky would be interested to know that the “gun army” was made up exclusively of males. Pro-Gun Progressive, a resident of the Pigtown section of Baltimore, MD, might be surprised to find out that we’re exclusively suburban and rural. Kenn Blanchard might be surprised to learn we’re exclusively white. Jeff Soyer, who Washington’s article mentioned, is, in fact, a rural white male from Vermont, but he’s also a gay rural white male; not your stereotypical Bubba.

At least she’s right about our rapid response.

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