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The Joyce Foundation: buying credibility

David Hardy notes that they bought the International Assn of Chiefs of Police. Seriously, they let Joyce write their report. The International Assn of Chiefs of Police is pretty much a sham any way as most police join the Fraternal Order of Police. My dad, for instance, has been a member of FOP for several decades. He’s never heard of The International Assn of Chiefs of Police.

And Cam points out something very important:

This is just sad. On Wednesday, the International Association of Chiefs of Police held a big press conference on Capitol Hill to release a new report on “gun violence”. They had 39 specific recommendations, but you’ve heard them all before. Ban the .50 caliber rifle. Ban “assault weapons”. Institute one-gun-a-month laws. No transactions without it going through a federally licensed firearms dealer. It’s a Christmas wish-list for gun banners. Which is no surprise, given that this report was bought and paid for by the anti-gun Joyce Foundation.

I’m sure there’ll be plenty of news stories on this report, but I’d be shocked if any of them contained the following information.

In 2006, the Joyce Foundation doled out $375,000 to the IACP to convene the “Great Lakes States Summit on Gun Violence”. That conference was held in April of this year. This is in addition to the $174,788 the Joyce Foundation also paid to IACP to develop and plan the summit.


But the media will not report this as “An anti-gun group today released a new report on gun control”. They will report this as “Today our nation’s law enforcement officers, together with some of the biggest names on Capitol Hill, called for more common sense gun laws to reduce violent crime.”

10 Responses to “The Joyce Foundation: buying credibility”

  1. Pro-Gun Progressive » Joyce Foundation and the Astroturf LEO Group Says:

    […] Well, looks like I was more on the money than I thought. […]

  2. Cactus Jack Says:

    “common sense gun laws to reduce violent crime.”

    If anyone knows of any such laws (that work) please let me know.

  3. Alcibiades McZombie Says:

    Why does any “international” group have anything to say about our domestic gun laws?

  4. Lyle Says:

    Here’s the deal: If you want to live in a country with total or near total gun bans, you have plenty of choices. You have a smorgasbord of anti-freedom, totalitarian countries in all parts of the globe. Simply choose one, and you are free to go live there as long as you like.

    On the other hand, if you want to live in a free country, where the citizens’ right to bear arms is at least partially respected in most places, you have mainly only one choice– the U.S.A.. There are no other serious choices.

    The police state advocates have all the choices in the world. Why are they staying here, complaining?

    With all those hundreds of countries to choose from out there, where guns are banned, why would anyone even care about the U.S.? NO one is trying to force people to live here.

    It’s a rhetorical question of course—I already know the answer. Do you?

  5. John Hardin Says:

    Just notices a section-B above-the-fold article on this “report” in the Seattle paper.

    Crank up your keyboards and pens, return fire! (Politely, of course, and with facts rather than emo…)

  6. Ride Fast Says:

    “Today our nation’s law enforcement officers,” is exactly how this will be reported, except they are assigned by the mayors. They’re politicians, not rank and file. When the FOP speaks it may mean something, not these pocket chiefs.

  7. emdfl Says:

    Actually they proved themselves to be the whores that most of us already knew they were. The big difference is that now they don’t get to hide any more.

  8. Šhard Says:

    They bought it and paid for it and now they will take it back…..

    Oh, sorry, that’s MoveOn and not Joyce…..

    Is there a difference?

  9. Dustin Says:

    More Brady bunch lies. They just pile the lies up thick hoping that enough folks will be fooled by enough of them to allow more foolish legislation to pass. It’s ridiculous. How many times do we need to say it? Gun control DOES NOT WORK to reduce crime, although it has been proven to increase it. The criminals LAUGH at gun control, they encourage it because unarmed victims are easier to rape, rob, and then kill as dead witnesses don’t talk much. Unarmed victims make their criminal career safer, but it does NOT make the streets safer for the law abiding, quite the opposite in fact.

  10. SayUncle » Assault Weapons Ban Push Returns Says:

    […] The headline reads: Police Chiefs Call For Assault Weapons Ban. The headline should read: Anti-Gun Group Calls For Assault Weapons Ban. […]

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