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Robyn Ringler Stopped By A Few Times

That’s what Joe says. He has a message for her.

And I like this quote from Clayton Cramer:

Still, her announcement that she was going to stop allowing comments doesn’t particularly upset or surprise me–this is a common response of gun control advocates, who soon discover that we knuckle-dragging Neanderthals don’t just outnumber them, but we’re smarter than they are–way smarter.

6 Responses to “Robyn Ringler Stopped By A Few Times”

  1. straightarrow Says:

    Talk about a public flogging, Damn! Is it possible Robyn Ringler is a masochist with exhibitionist tendencies?

  2. Joe Huffman Says:

    My personal opinion, having only read her blog and zero personal contact with her, is that she is a very well intentioned, nice, middle-aged woman. She just happens to be very naive about firearms law, firearms, and their utility for self defense. She thinks in very simplistic terms and does not understand human nature and “unintended consequences”. Sarah Brady is said to be a nice person too.

    In a way it pains me to flog her so badly. On the other hand I’m sure there were well intentioned, nice, middle-aged women that advocated whites only drinking fountains, restaurants, and swimming pools. I just don’t know a way of making the point and winning the battle without making an example out of everyone that acts like an ignorant bigot.

  3. Gunner Says:

    I just did a test comment and it looks like it “took”.

    Go check the post about her “I’m always right” line

  4. Joe Huffman Says:

    No comments on her post that I can see.

  5. Gunner Says:

    Odd. I just looked and I can still see mine. Try to post,.

  6. Joe Huffman Says:

    I clicked on the link “Add a comment” and was greeted with “No comments yet.” I tried refreshing the page too. No luck in seeing your comment.

    Technically it’s possible to fake you out by storing your comment as a cookie (or something similar) and only showing it to you. But unless that was built into her blog software already for some reason that’s a fair amount of work for the amusement value achieved.

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