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How the media write about guns

Step one: pick issue.

Step two: repeat Brady Campaign & Violence Policy Center talking points.

Well, at least that’s what Matt Sedensky did. We have all sorts of misleading scary phrases like spray of bullets, high-powered assault weapon and weapons of choice for gangs. All of that, of course, is misleading. Additionally, Matt pulls some real boners like:

And when the guns, once found solely in the hands of soldiers, are aimed at officers on patrol, there’s little authorities can do to escape.

Err, semi-auto rifles have been in the hands of civilians since there have been semi-auto rifles.

Federal officials don’t compile statistics on the number of crimes involving assault weapons like the AK-47, and municipalities’ numbers across the country are patchwork.

Err, yeah they do. And it’s a very small number.

The guns are readily available on streets, Baixauli said, or can be ordered by mail for under $200.

Mail ordering guns is illegal, unless you go through a federal firearms dealer. And if you can find a $200 AK, I’ll take all you got.

The AP: Getting out the Brady Campaign’s propaganda so Brady doesn’t have to.

More here and here.

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