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Microstamping in Cali

Seen at David’s:

CALL Gov’s Sac number (916-445-2841)

Press 1 – for English
Press 2 – for Voice your opinion on Assembly Bills
Press 1 – for Micro Stamping Bill (AB1471)
Press 2 to OPPOSE the gun control bill.

Via RuffRidr, who says:

You don’t have to speak to anyone. This takes 20 seconds. That’s it! I repeat, you do not need to speak to anyone

In other news, there’s now an automated system to support or oppose legislation?

6 Responses to “Microstamping in Cali”

  1. gattsuru Says:

    Ponders how long it will take for the Democrats to slap together a team of underpaid hobos jumping from city phone to city phone…

  2. jack Says:

    I just did it. We can’t let them outnumber us. Everybody call. Jack.

  3. Robb Allen Says:

    Well, I called 8 times. The first four times I voted for Bryan because he sings so good, and the other 4 times I voted for Cassandra because she really could use the record contract.

    What? Wrong show?


  4. Kevin Baker Says:

    I love Skype. If they’re checking Caller ID to see where the call is coming from, they won’t get anything!

  5. ParatrooperJJ Says:


  6. Linoge Says:

    Well, the email I sent the Governator’s office went without even an automated “Yup, we got it,” response, so I am not holding a lot of faith that an automated phone system is a lot better…