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Tonight the Knox County travel audit

Some time today between 5:00 to 6:30 PM Knox County Commission will convene in a special session for the results of the travel audit of Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale and his staff. This is one of the most serious and potentially criminal audits the Mayor and his staff face.

It will be covered on Community Television of Knoxville.

Last week on the hour long WBIR special “Knox County Files” Knox County Law Director John Owings said he would file an ouster suit if criminal activities were disclosed in any of the five audits being performed on Knox County government. You can watch that hour long special here.

Things have changed a great deal in the past few months. Paul Pinkston opened the kimono with his questions of P-card abuse and theft. WBIR unleashed Kay Watson for some of the most impressive investigative journalism seen in a very long time in Knox County. Private citizen Lewis Cosby made sure he was heard in last months Knox County Commission meeting. His audit of Knox County government brought over 100 questions that have yet to be answered.

Both WBIR and WATE have special sections on their websites to make it easier for people to follow the maize of allegations and questions. The Knoxville News Sentinel also has a special section appropriately named “Knox County Chaos”. Larry Van Guilder, Betty Bean, and Sandra Clark have covered every step and misstep of Knox County government. Unlike other media outlets they have been on the case before it become necessary to do so.

It makes one wonder if these problems would ever have happened if this investigative journalism had been there all along. It seems the honeymoon with the press and the Mayor’s office was followed by the abuse of the taxpayers.

There are some obvious lessons learned here. Maybe journalism and boosterism shouldn’t be commingled. Maybe the taxpayers should pay more attention to those who work for them. No matter what happens people will no longer accept that good intentions, big ideas, and reading to children can excuse ignoring the law and living the lifestyles of the rich and famous on the taxpayers dime.

One Response to “Tonight the Knox County travel audit”

  1. #9 Says:

    As Lewis Cosby said, “Unbelievable”. Looks like Ragsdale and Staff owe the taxpayers over $122,000.

    But he reads to children so it’s all good.

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