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Funny, last week it was assault weapons

This week, it’s Hi-Point 9mm that are the weapon of choice among criminals. You mean criminals use inexpensive hanguns. Who knew.

5 Responses to “Funny, last week it was assault weapons”

  1. thirdpower Says:

    I thought the sunsetting of the AWB was supposed to flood the streets w/ Uzi’s and AK-47’s. Why would a pistol become the “weapon of choice”?

  2. Kevin Baker Says:

    I can’t believe any self-respecting criminal would be seen with a handgun that ugly!

  3. Call me Ahab » Blog Archive » Weapon of choice Says:

    […] the badguy weapon of choice (at least in NYC) is no longer the “assault weapon” as loudly proclaimed by the […]

  4. Rabbit Says:

    I keep standing at the curb waiting for that Ice Cream Truck of Death to drive down my block, but it never does. Maybe I live in too good a neighborhood. The closest I ever get to it is the Schwann’s truck, which is a poor substitute.


  5. Kurt Says:

    The article mentions that the gun was stolen in Ohio. Then, it mentions that many guns used in crimes in NY are from out of state and that Bloomberg is suing out of state dealers who sold guns “eventually used in crimes across NYC”. I guess only the mind of a liberal can understand how “stolen” equals “sold”.

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