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Uncle Bot’s: Tally ho!

Couple things regarding this piece I linked yesterday:

1 – Mike: they would attack someone, and then when their victim defended himself they would cast them in the role of the aggressor and claim to be in the right. Ayup.

2 – Second, a lot of the comments there scare white people. The folks scaring the white people don’t appear to have come from here, as I don’t recognize their names. Don’t do that. You’re not convincing anyone on the fence with such over the top rhetoric. Leave that to the other side. Be reasonable and avoid the pro-gun version of PSH.

One Response to “Uncle Bot’s: Tally ho!”

  1. Mike Says:

    Thanks for the notice – its very kind of you.
    My post didn’t come out a slick as i wanted – I was too angry to knock all the rough edges off.
    But, honestly, if this was the man’s idea of a reasonable compromise, I can only believe it was offered for the purpose of being rejected so he could justify support for truly draconian gun laws later. “I tried to reach common ground with the gun nuts, but they’re just too crazy to reason with.”

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