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Exploiting PSH

Joe thinks we should take advantage of the condition I mentioned yesterday. One nitpick is that I prefer the term regular capacity magazines.

2 Responses to “Exploiting PSH”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    When they say “junk guns” I say “lift the ban on importation and re-importation of reasonably priced historical artifacts.”

    I don’t get this much though because where I live I can just point out the “Maryland Handgun Roster Board”, which needs to approve every single handgun before it can go on sale in Maryland. This is like a stake in the anti-RKBA’s heart because it’s eliminated what they call “junk guns” or what they call “Saturday night specials” and of course the law has had little impact on our crime rate compared to the rest of the nation (I think we’re still #2 per capita for robberies)

    Hell, you could even argue that because of the actions of a few rabid anti-freedom types, the criminal element is now better armed than ever before with even more reliable firearms. Not because they’ve purchased their firearms through legitimate channels but because we’ve got a better class of stolen guns here in the free state.

  2. Lyle Says:

    I don’t use the word “regulation” to describe what is actually a “restriction” or an “infringement” or a “violation” of human rights.

    Paxton Quigley, I believe it was, also promotes the term “standard capacity magazine”, which is perfectly correct also, if you understand how the gun was originally designed.

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