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DC Appeal

John Lott has an editorial in the Other Biased Washington Paper about DC v. Heller:

The problem for the city is that anyone who can look up the crime numbers will see that D.C.’s violent crime rate went up, not down, after the ban.


The city’s brief focuses only on murder rates in discussing crime in D.C. Yet, in the five years before Washington’s ban in 1976, the murder rate fell from 37 to 27 per 100,000. In the five years after it went into effect, the murder rate rose back up to 35. But there is one fact that seems particularly hard to ignore. D.C.’s murder rate fluctuated after 1976 but has only once fallen below what it was in 1976 (that happened years later, in 1985). Does D.C. really want to argue that the gun ban reduced the murder rate?

Similarly for violent crime, from 1977 to 2003, there were only two years when D.C.’s violent crime rate fell below the rate in 1976. These drops and subsequent increases were much larger than any changes in neighboring Maryland and Virginia. For example, D.C.’s murder rate fell 3.5 to 3 times more than in the neighboring states during the five years before the ban and rose back 3.8 times more in the five years after it. D.C.’s murder rate also rose relative to that in other similarly sized cities.

3 Responses to “DC Appeal”

  1. Captain Holly Says:

    “Mary Roush! Mary Roush!”

  2. Left Rudder :: GunLoon Myths: DC Gun Laws Caused Homicides to Increase :: September :: 2007 Says:

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  3. Kevin Baker Says:

    I see JadeGold’s trackback works just fine. Y’know, for a blog that bans dissenting views, that’s very sloppy of you!