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They Can’t Help It

Turns out, PSH may be a condition.

9 Responses to “They Can’t Help It”

  1. Robert Garrard Says:

    I just always figured it was a case of being “logically challenged”, to be PC about it…

  2. Lyle Says:

    There is no right or wrong, just the inability to get along. Therefore you must either agree with me or be accused of causing an argument.

    It takes two to make a fight, so stop fighting me.

    If you don’t have anything nice to say about me, you must refrain from criticizing anything I choose to do to you.

    If anything I do to you makes you angry, it proves you are a hateful person.

    If you cannot accept what I do to you, it means you are closed-minded.

    If you don’t give me what I want, it proves you are materialistic and selfish.

  3. straightarrow Says:

    Lyle, do you mind if I use that sometimes? That is the most succinct and accurate description of the loonies I have ever seen.

  4. straightarrow Says:

    I have to add that I don’t think the loonie are just loony, I also think they are evil and that little comment of yours make it so apparrent.

  5. blackfork Says:

    Does this mean they get a handicapped parking sticker?

  6. walls of the city Says:

    liberals in a nutshell…

    “Help, help, let us out of this nutshell!” … Yeah, ok, that was pretty bad. But can you blame me? Anywise, this gem was found at Say Uncle. There is no right or wrong, just the inability to get along…….

  7. SayUncle » Exploiting PSH Says:

    […] thinks we should take advantage of the condition I mentioned yesterday. One nitpick is that I prefer the term regular capacity […]

  8. Lyle Says:

    Arrow. Use it everywhere you go, please. I’ll be posting an edited version on Joe’s blog ( in the near future, as soon as I can steal time away from being productive ; )

    Its a distillation of a very long list of verbal hammer blows we cooked up years ago, over a period of months, in a musical instrument repair shop I own. Some of them had us laughing like hyenas. I think we ended up with well over 200 of them. We titled the compilation, “The 2xx Tenets of Socialism” and had it up on Angelfire for a while. Many of them were reiterations, and I’ve wanted for a long time to edit the list down to the best 50 or so. Since I don’t get paid 100 bucks an hour to write smartass literature, its hard to find the time. Here’s one that comes to mind:

    “We will be safe as soon as we are stripped of the best means of protecting ourselves.”

  9. DirtCrashr Says:

    I’ve got to blog it, and whatever corrollaries go along.

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