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Makes my toes wiggle

This quote:

The Brady Campaign understaffed, underfunded, and generally floundering…

Of course, it’s the Christian Science Monitor so it has the usual misinformation about gun laws (which is no surprise to SayUncle readers – see here):

Two years ago, Florida enacted a law that allows anyone who feels threatened anywhere to use deadly force.

Untrue. You start off with a whopper, I can’t take you seriously. But taking dictation from anti-gun groups is what I expect from the CSM. But this bit is interesting:

The Brady Campaign put up a billboard in Miami that October, took out ads in cold climates where people often take Florida vacations, and handed out fliers at Florida airports all warning tourists of their possible demise on their trips to Florida beaches and Disney World.

The campaign got the biggest reaction in Britain and Canada, where it fit perfectly into the notion of Americans as barbarians. A headline in the British Birmingham Post read, “Going to Florida? Beware the gun-happy locals.”

Because they can’t get traction here.

Update: More here and here.

3 Responses to “Makes my toes wiggle”

  1. the pistolero Says:

    It’s more than a bit ironic that the Brits would think of us as barbarians, because as I recall they’re having more than a little trouble with, well, let’s just call it uncivilized behavior. I had fun with this piece over at my blog, too.

  2. Greg Morris Says:

    The main point of her article was interesting though… not the standard media PSH. Granted, she was spouting off the standard line fed by the BC (which is funny, considering that they are “understaffed, underfunded, and generally floundering”. I would say the BC is alive and well. You can’t pay for the kind of free press coverage they get. If you could, you might say their budget runs upwards of many hundreds of millions per year.

  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    Check out this blast from the past (March 7, 1993)

    Governor Chiles and the task force have asked rental-car companies to remove bumper stickers and other signs that their automobiles may be driven by vulnerable tourists.They are also asking the Florida Legislature to end permanently the state’s practice of issuing special license tags for rental cars, something the Legislature is likely to act on within the next month. In the meantime, the governor has signed an executive order allowing the rental companies to exchange the tags immediately for standard license plates.

    Of course, this is the NYT, so they never connected Overseas Tourist = absolutely no chance of carrying a handgun for self-defense = easy victim to rob.

    But Clayton Cramer and David Kopel have:

    Greater safety for Florida residents and American tourists may be the reason for another notable characteristic of Florida in recent headlines–criminal attacks on foreign tourists. These tourists stood out because of the distinctive rental car license plates that Florida issued until recently. Unlike Florida residents or American tourists (who might shoot back), foreign tourists would certainly be unarmed, suggests the head of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. [41]

    The fact that the mainstream media misreported this, and also failed to make the obvious connection when the exact same thing happened when Virginia got “shall issue” is one of the major reason why I’ve gone from ignorant and vaguely anti-gun to pro-RKBA.