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Linky without the thinky

The Evolution of Form 4473.

I’m guessing it’s a Walther P99. Without scale, I couldn’t tell if it is a P99 9mm or a P22 loaded with those stubby Aquila rounds. But then I counted the number in the magazine.

OMG can we stop with Hsu puns? In other news, good question.

Poor, stupid Fenty: I’d rather live in a place where the local politicians want to make sure that I’m just as safe as they are, rather than them making sure they’re just as defenseless as everyone else.

Universal healthcare, my ass.

Saturate us with resources.

We can remove the question mark from Fred? now.

5 Responses to “Linky without the thinky”

  1. Jay G. Says:


    It’s an SW99 9mm. The Walther P99 (which is a twin to the SW99) has a squared trigger guard, whereas the Smith has the rounded guard.

    I know. I have two of ’em…

  2. Ahab Says:

    P22 loaded with those stubby Aquila rounds

    Have you been looking in my holster again?

  3. Call me Ahab » Blog Archive » Mousegun ballistic fun Says:

    […] favorite round out of my P22 is the Aguila SniperSubSonic, or as Uncle calls them, “those stubby Aguila rounds“.  I’ve had some fun comparing terminal ballistics of rounds before, and I thought it […]

  4. anon Says:

    P22 has an exposed/conventional hammer. Jay G. would appear to have it right.

  5. drstrangegun Says:

    Even without looking at anything else, .22lr, stubby or no, is always rimmed.

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