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Black rifles in the press without the PSH

No, really, in the Chicago Sun Times of all places:

They’re scary. That’s the crux of the gun debate spurred by the AR platform.

The AR platform looks like a machine gun.

That’s why Kent Peacock, president of Firearm Safety Training Inc., invited outdoor media to a tactical rifle open house at the Illinois State Rifle Association range Aug. 28. I was the only one who took the opportunity to be enlightened.

Via thirdpower who notes: Boy, someone who goes out shooting, learns a little, enjoys it, then reports about it factually. I’m sure he must be new.

4 Responses to “Black rifles in the press without the PSH”

  1. blackfork Says:

    Reporter Dale Bowman played it straight. How about that? Good job.

  2. Rob K Says:

    But this guy is already a hunter and this was in the outdoors section — not that remarkable. It’s not like the guy had never fired a gun before.

  3. Linoge Says:

    It is certainly nice that one of them “real” reporters did a good job reporting on how firearms really are not machine guns (unless, of course, they are) and how the whole it-looks-threatening crap is just that. However, it would have been nice if he could have done that without going to the shoot… I mean, shooting the firearm does not really change one’s understanding of it, at least if one has a slightly better grasp of how things work, and a slightly more mature handle on the world.

  4. straightarrow Says:

    What I find amazing is that the editor let it run. We must be winning.

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