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Gun shopping

A guy stationed in Iraq wants a personal handgun. He’s started researching them and has started a blog detailing his research. Check it, yo.

2 Responses to “Gun shopping”

  1. Michael Says:

    The Hi-power is a great gun, having had one my self and still kicking myself for selling it off. If he wants a hand gun while stationed in Iraq he will most likely have to get while there. Not sure about the other branches, but the US Army doesn’t allow soldiers to take personal weapons into combat. But he could ask his Captian or his next in command. If he is a contractor he better hide it out of the view of military personal for non-combatants are not allowed weapons in a combat zone. It could be taken away, not unless he has some MP’s or otherwise who are cool with it. I know if I was the soldier inspecting his truck, I’d let it slide. This being said, Iraq is an arsenal of weapons, so picking a Hi-power should be easy. Hope this helps him with his endevours.

  2. LT Robert Lyon Says:

    First off, thanks for the support. I am working seven days a week, twelve hours per. I do have an air conditioned office and a great job. I work community outreach where we place folks stationed here on regional radio programs. They tell you what is on their mind and what is really going on in Iraq. Great program.

    The project is not work related and really designed to help me learn more, from folks like you, and by doing a lot of research. I have some dead time, though it’s unpredictable. I try to post every other day. But hey I am in Iraq.

    Thanks for the postings so far they have been VERY educational. I can’t wait until we get to talking about 1911’s I may be safer here in Iraq after I kick over that rock.