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Pants on fire

Liar, pants-shitter and troll Jadegold:

I would count SayUncle as one of those sites which censors and threatens those who do not ‘toe’ the party line. I was banned there while another poster who advocated violence was not.

Really? News to me. I don’t recall threatening anyone. To date, per my software package, I have banned two IPs . One is, which is the server for that horrible University Update spam site. And the other IP was because some students at Macomb Intermediate School District were banned from myspace and decided to turn my comments section into their own little chat page. Heck, I even invited Macca (a sock puppet for a Brady Campaign Director) to post here.

Jade has left the following comments here all from IP

Kevin’s afraid of debate. – A lie.

You’re afraid, Kevin. It’s not against the law to live in fear of having your worldview sliced and diced. But it’s kind of hypocritical to pretend you aren’t. It explains your..eerr..fascinations. – Ad hominem.

Kevin’s afraid of debate. – same lie repeated (familiar theme, no?).

All in one post. No threats, no bans, nothing.

Lying to win is par for the course among the antis, though.

16 Responses to “Pants on fire”

  1. Robert Garrard Says:

    Well, you have to remember who you’re talking about. I’ve seen his stuff on other blogs and forums, and have yet to see him actually debate someone; his style is more hit-and-run insults, with no body to them.

  2. Cactus Jack Says:

    “Lying to win is par for the course among the antis, though.”

    Have they ever told the truth? Can they?

  3. Ahab Says:

    Huh – the only time his blog gets comments is when pro-gunners go over there to hand him his lunch.

  4. thirdpower Says:

    He denies he edited my posts in his responses even when I cutnpaste the whole thing and source it.

    Nothing more than an attention-whore.

  5. Kevin Baker Says:

    I banned the troll from my site, and then he accused me of deleting comments over at Ringler’s echo-chamber. I got the same “you welcome people who threaten me” crap there too. He must have been referring to you, if not others.

  6. Ninth Stage Says:

    “Kevin’s afraid of debate.”!?! Kevin Baker lives for debate.

    Jadegold must work in a movie theater ’cause she’s got the projection part down pat.

  7. Kevin Baker Says:

    UPDATE: Robyn apparently deleted my last response to JadeGold. I did not insult Robyn, I did not use bad language, I merely pointed out JadeGold’s penchant to avoid actual debate, change the subject, veer off on a tangent, or reply with a non-sequitur whenever he was faced with actual reason, logic, and fact. His actions are well illustrated by the fact that he accused me of deleting comments, and when I informed him I do not delete comments he changed the subject to my “allowing people who threaten” him and others to post comments at TSM.

    Well, we knew Robyn was afraid of Reasoned Discourse™ already.

  8. thirdpower Says:

    She deleted mine as well but all of Jade’s and Survivor100’s trolling comments got through. Shock.

  9. Sigivald Says:

    Is this a surprise, for anyone who’s paid any attention (unwilling, typically) to Jadegold or similar ilk?

  10. Pro-Gun Progressive » Who’s Censoring Who? Says:

    […] Much is being made of Jadegold’s temper tantrum about his/her comments being censored by pro-gun bloggers (ah, the pantheon of anti-freedom trolls…Iverglas, Jadegold, Kelli, Macca from the Brady Campaign, etc…what a classy bunch!). Uncle, Guav, Thirdpower, and TOS have pretty well torpedoed that nonsense, which is almost a shame for dignifying it with any response at all. I have little else to add other than “geeze, shouldn’t an anti-gunner have to check whether an argument will at least pass the smell test once in a while?” […]

  11. Ride Fast Says:

    Not just lies, really poorly thought out lies. “Kevin is afraid to debate” is equivalent to saying “Uncle never posts anything”.

    If the measure of our enemies tells us something about ourselves, we’re looking pretty damn good.

  12. Rustmeister Says:

    That’s why I didn’t pile on Tom’s banning of Jade.

    He just recognized the BS straight away.

  13. Billy Beck Says:

    Beldar didn’t appreciate it recently when I pointed out that “Jadegold” was once dismissed as a customer by its ISP after accusing a completely innocent man of being a fugitive wanted for murder, in Usenet. I pointed it out in a context of the creep’s statement that, “After all, the term ‘swiftboating’ has entered the lexicon as a smear campaign and a synonym for dishonesty.”

    Add up the context, and try to understand what we’re talking about, when it comes to that person. This is someone to whom all means to an end are permissible, except facts and reason.

  14. Kalashnijkov Says:

    This all from a blogger who keeps one browser open on his access logs at all times. There’s ego to be found in them there packets…

  15. SayUncle Says:

    This all from a blogger who keeps one browser open on his access logs at all times.

    Me? No. Just searched jadegold in my blogging software. And isn’t saying a blogger has an ego like saying water is wet?

  16. SayUncle » Why Reasoned Discoursetm matters Says:

    […] 2: Apparently, this jadegold person is still claiming I banned them. That is not the case. I don’t have a link because the person who emailed me that info didn’t provide one. […]

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