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Excellent Question

In light of the upcoming Republican YouTube debate, people are getting their questions on. Perhaps this time, CNN will pick questions that do not evoke PSH (unlike last time). So, here’s one I’d love to see asked of the Republicans:

Joe says:

Here’s the assignment/request/bleg… It will literally take ONE MINUTE of your time.

Go to CNN’s comment page LINK HERE and post the following message:

Please play Tom Gresham and Clint Smith’s question for the GOP candidates!!

Via Tam.

5 Responses to “Excellent Question”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    That’s a great question. But it also assumes they can name three federal gun control laws 🙂 Any candidate who can answer that question without shitting his pants will go a long way toward getting my vote. My vote would be:

    1. Repeal the sporting purposes clause of GCA 68 that outlaws most importation
    2. Repeal the Hughes Amendment
    3. Repeal prohibiting offenses that are non violent, or restore funding for relief from disability

    Of course, you can bet that a presidential candidate won’t say anything like that, so I’ll offer more realistic suggestions:

    1. Repeal C&R provision and make collectors licenses apply to everything
    2. Get rid of the National park ban
    3. Repeal some of ATF’s discretion in revoking FFL licenses.

  2. Standard Mischief Says:

    1. Repeal the Lautenberg Amendment.

    2. Remove any and all executive orders that throttle the free trade in firearms. If it’s free to be made and sold by US manufactures, I don’t see any reason to keep it from being imported too. If Free Trade is Good, isn’t it good for Everyone, and not just when it benefits a Corporation?

    3. Remove the “power” of the BATFE (and hell, the rest of the executive branch) to make law via the power of issuing regulations. Article 1, Section 1 states that all legislative power is in congress’s hands and even though I don’t entirely trust them, I’d feel a lot better because we can vote their asses out of office. The tobacco ninjas would be free to suggest legislation (but not lobby for it), but I still want to see the congress-critters vote and then possibly pass every proposed restriction on our freedoms on to the president (per the instructions in the mother documents that birthed this country.)

  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    (yea, that wasn’t exactly three laws, but you don’t expect a straight answer from the GOP candidates, so I don’t see the same level of critique being aimed at me.)

  4. blackfork Says:

    The CNN suit will toss this question to Ron Paul. Ron Paul will talk about guns in space or something like that, then the CNN suit will ask Huckabee about it and he will recount his duckhunting trip to Arkadelphia in 1986, then they will move to the next question.

    They will NEVER ask Guiliani or Romney a thing about the Second Amendment.

  5. Cactus Jack Says:

    “Thats a great question. But it also assumes they can name three federal gun control laws”

    Aint that the truth. Hell, I’M hard pressed to name 3 of them.

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