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Courtland Milloy:

The Violence Is Rooted in the Culture, Not the Gun Store


During my visit to Realco, several young African American men were checking out large-caliber firearms in a display case. I asked some of them why they wanted a gun.

“Protection,” one replied.

“You never know who you might run into,” another said.

Nobody mentioned shooting tin cans with Dad.

Well, shooting tin cans is indeed fun but one’s duty to protect themselves is much more important. And:

This fight is not so much over guns as culture. Largely rural, conservative whites are protecting a gun-loving lifestyle because they care more about it than they care about the loss of black lives to gun violence in urban areas. And if you want to fight that culture, you have to have a culture to fight with.

Ya know, you may have had me had you not states something that stupid. It’s not that I don’t care or care less about the loss of black lives. It’s that the propositions by gun control advocates will impact me, a law-abiding man, and will not prevent young black men from killing other young black men. And we rural, conservative whites have a gun-loving lifestyle because we choose to defend ourselves and, unlike DC where guns are banned, there is not as much violence here in these rural parts.

5 Responses to “Culture”

  1. countertop Says:

    Yep, but I was impressed by this statement immediately before that.

    Excuse me, but I just don’t see why any black person would expect gun manufacturers and dealers to help us stop killing ourselves. At Realco, guys pull into the parking lot in big SUVs with tinted glass and spinning rims. They look like gangbangers from a rap music video. If some gun-control advocates had their way, Realco would reject those young black men as customers because they fit a racial profile. And Realco would be sued for not selling guns as surely as it was denounced yesterday for selling them.

    Cortland is a fucktard, but at least he is starting to get it. His piece – especially the racist stuff – may not be the most eloquent criticism of teh Brady Bunch ever written but it at least is starting to take the conversation in the right direction, ie: they lost their culture themselves and have no paternal figures to teach kids about guns and how to use them in a constructive manner.

    Kudos to him for finally recognizing it (or at least writing about it)

  2. Linoge Says:

    You know, he just about had it right. It is the culture – the culture of those black men who shoot each other – that is the problem. As always, gun controllers have absolutely no problems blaming the tool, or those who wish to legally use the tool, but when it comes to blaming the poor vicitim black man who was bodily assaulted by a firearm, forced by said firearm (probably at barrel-point) to carry it around, and then bitchslapped by said firearm into pulling its trigger (you and I both know guns just want to get off) when it was pointed at another black man…

    Well, hell, how much do you want out of these people?

  3. anon Says:

    “go to any major gun show — into the heart of America’s white gun culture — and you’ll find plenty of Confederate flags and supremacist literature on display. And even if everybody at the show doesn’t subscribe to those views, the people there aren’t offended enough to stay away.”–Courtland Malloy

    Actually, Courtland; the reason that the people who don’t subscribe to those views aren’t ‘offended enough to stay away’, is because they embrace the 1st Amendment – every bit as much as much as the 2nd. That’s why they don’t run away in full-on PSH mode. Gunnies understand freedom in a way that libtards like Malloy never will. One of the great things about the 1st Amendment is that it encourages people to say those things that identify themselves as someone to be avoided…

    Interesting aside: After Courtlands last anti-gun screed in the post, I sent him a personal email inviting him to go shooting at my expense to introduce him to lawful gun ownership and use. He didn’t bother to answer, but the fact that he opened this story the way he did suggests that the mail at least had an effect.

    To bad he still just doesn’t get it that ‘white gun culture’ (as he puts it) has phuk-all to do with ‘black gun culture’. Perhaps if inner city blacks embraced ‘white gun culture’, they would stop bustin’ a cap in each others asses over every minor slight, real or perceived.

    It isn’t about the guns.

  4. drstrangegun Says:

    So…. culture #1 is relatively peaceful, benign, owns lots and lots of guns, and shoots on a regular basis. Culture #2 has a homicide problem, nobody’s allowed to have a gun but criminals get them anyways and abuse everyone else with them.

    Oh, it’s so obvious that culture #1 is the one that needs to change, right?

  5. Nimrod45 Says:

    There’s a “culture problem” alright – it’s the GANG culture of the urban areas that’s the problem. Newspapers here in Canada push the Big Lie of the “evil gun culture” all the time.