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Protest the protest

So, today the Rearend Jesse Jackson and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership are supposed to be doing some protests, which is what you do when you’re ineffectual in the political realm. People who are effective do something other than try to get cheap media time. They’re protesting, err, not sure what. But it’s because guns are bad and people can buy guns. Except in Chicago, which is odd because that’s where he’s protesting.

Some on the gun rights side have said we should buy ammo. So, I did. I bought a couple of boxes of 9mm Winchester White Box.

Seems the good Rearend is planning on protesting DSA, who import and make a lot of goodies like the TP9 and some pretty sweet FALs.

If you wish to support them, go here and buy a shirt.

Update & PSH alert: Yeah, but today there will be more guns in the hands of the law-abiding. And this idiot really thinks that real grassroots is the gun lobby? It’s called projection.

Update: JJ’s talking points.

12 Responses to “Protest the protest”

  1. Kevin Baker Says:

    I’d much rather go to DSA and buy one of these, but alas, my budget won’t allow it at the moment.

  2. armedcanadian Says:

    They are protesting DSA?!? Yup, lots of illegal guns flowing out that factory. Every street corner dealer in Illinois is equipped with an SA58 bought right off the loading dock. Then why does it take me 12 weeks to get a receiver from them? Dealer demand.

    That’s smart. Protest the one place that won’t ever dump an illegal gun into the system directly. Just like any gun maker. Such things always occur beyond the factory because the controls on this stuff at the manufacturer level are strict.

    Can someone explain to me the prevalence of gun makers in Illinois? At least Les Bauer got out. Still leaves ArmaLite. Was there a time when Illinois was a freedom loving state and decided to turn in on itself?

  3. Justin Buist Says:

    Err… I thought National Exercise Your Rights Day was David Codrea’s idea, not Neal Knox? David brought it up on Aug 15 over at

  4. SayUncle Says:

    who mentioned neal knox?

  5. David Codrea Says:

    Exercise Your Rights day was proposed by the Firearms Coalition, run by Knox’s sons. I proposed a Buy Ammo Day based on what Kim DuToit does every November as a response to the Jackson Mobfest. The same day I posted about that, I found out the FC proposed using Aug 28 to counterprotest, and acknowledged that in my blog post. My understanding is that the FC also expanded their original proposal to include gun and ammo buys.

    So the ideas evolved independently, which is pretty understandable based on what prompted us to come up with it–I’m actually surprised more people didn’t recommend it. And as far as “credit” for them, my position is forget who said what first and just support the concept.

    If I was in this for the fame and fortune, I’d be writing about Paris and Lilo’s Rehab Threesome with Britney, or something equally important and vital to the wellbeing of the Republic.

  6. Linoge Says:

    Purchased an M1A? Check (well, did that a few days ago, but scheduling/Kalifornistan is a bear).

    Got enough ammo for it and the 9mm to get in trouble with Better Half when she sees the credit card bill? Check.

    Going to the range? Give me about seven hours.

    Starting to think I like our version of protesting…

  7. Alcibiades Says:

    “And this idiot really thinks that real grassroots is the gun lobby?”

    I don’t understand that sentence. Did you mean “anti-gun lobby”?

  8. SayUncle Says:

    no. I mean the buy ammo stuff is done by real grassroots and not astroturf.

  9. Justin Buist Says:

    So the ideas evolved independently,

    Gotcha. No wonder I was a little confused there. I thought they were the same thing.

  10. anon Says:

    Just got back from the [counter] protest at RealCo Guns outside of Washington, DC. There were about 25-30 pro-civil rights counter protesters, and maybe 75 zombies on the anti-side. That said, easily a third to half of the zombies were the news people, the police, and the politicians (with their armed security details), so it wasn’t even as lopsided as that.

    I will say: the District Heights (and other) police on hand were exceedingly polite & professional to the counter protesters, and we even got a few smiles and knowing nods out some of them.

    FYI: On the way there, I followed a Gold Mercedes ML 500 SUV with DC government plate #703. The driver was on his cell phone the whole damn trip; even in DC, where cell phone use while driving is verboten. Anyone out there have the resources to determine which DC politico this was?

  11. KCSteve Says:

    Here in Missouri only some of us are buying ammo – mostly we’re celebrating the end of an old Jim Crow law (gee, wonder why the Rev isn’t behind this?).

    Ran out at lunch and picked up an XD9SC for me and a G26 for the ever-indulgent wife. If she doesn’t get held up at the end of the day then we’ll hit one or both of the other two gun shops near us to get some ammo.

    That’s right – I’ve got four gun shops within 15 minutes of my house. One’s only about 7 blocks, the other about a mile or so. Oh wait – I forgot. The one where I picked up my XD9SC is about 30 minutes away and is in addition to the four closer ones.

    Yeah I’m gloating. 😛

  12. Darrell Says:

    Gee, I could get three PLR-16s for the price of one TP-9.

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