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Registering children

In England:

Senior social workers have given warning of the dangers posed by a new government register that will store the details of every child in England from next year.

They fear that the database, containing the address, medical and school details of all under-18s, could be used to harm the children whom it is intended to protect.


The database, which goes live next year, is to contain details of every one of the 11 million children in the country, listing their name, address and gender, as well as contact details for their GP, school and parents and other carers. The record will also include contacts with hospital consultants and other professionals, and could show whether the child has been the subject of a formal assessment on whether he or she needs extra help.


5 Responses to “Registering children”

  1. Two--Four Says:

    […] “All your children are belong to us.” They’re nationalizing the kids. (linktrain starts at Say Uncle) Aug 27, 07 | 10:14 am AxeBitesVarious guitars I see floating by, mostly Gibson and mostly eBay. […]

  2. Rustmeister Says:

    Old Blighty has gone B.O. – Beyond Orwell

  3. Tam Says:

    Don’t they realize?

    Children don’t kill people; the government does.

  4. thirdpower Says:

    The Blogger Formerly Known As MassBackwards (TBFKAMB) brought up the point that the rich and famous won’t have to register their kids, only the Proles. I’m sure Kennedy or one of the other idiots will present similar legislation soon.

  5. Shamus Says:

    I wonder what proceedure they use to delete children from the database when they turn 18? Otherwise, this registry of “children” would eventually become a registry of “everyone”, and I’m sure NOBODY intended that. No, of course not.

    Perish the thought.

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