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Preparedness for kids

One of the shows that the Mrs. records for Junior is Lou and Lou: Safety Patrol. The shows are short (like five minutes) and Lou and Lou run around with little badges declaring things to be safety violations. One such show was fire safety and another was putting on sunscreen when at the beach. Aside from the creepy nanny nature of the show that makes me want to tell the kids to mind their own business, it does teach kids important things. And it also could lead kids to shame their parents into things.

However, one episode taught kids about having a disaster preparedness kit (with adequate food, radio, batteries, etc.). And the same show taught kids to have a BOB, though they called it a Go Bag. I suppose with Katrina and 9-11, what used to be an activity of the survivalists is now rather mainstream.

To watch the video, go here and click the one that says Get Ready, Get Set, Emergency. I told the wife that one of the items they did not include in their kit was a carbine.

4 Responses to “Preparedness for kids”

  1. Greg Morris Says:

    Go bag = Carbine and a pocket knife. Or better yet, Carbine with a bayonet.

    Somehow I doubt Disney would endorse that.

  2. Diamondback Says:

    BOB, Go Bag and SHTF Bag are all acceptable by those of “us” with that “label”. Nice to see that preparedness is becoming more mainstream. If shows like this get kids thinking about ways to protect themselves, perhaps it will lead to gun ownership some day.

  3. Rob Says:

    Don’t forget about the Eddie the Eagle program.

  4. SayUncle » Survivalism: not just for rednecks anymore Says:

    […] Mainstreaming of survivalism is an excellent way of putting it. After all, Disney is teaching our kids about survival kits and bug out bags. […]

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