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Quote of the day

Seen at KABA:

“ABC 7/Newschannel 8 has learned the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority have charged Democratic Representative Robert Filner of California with assault and battery following an incident at Dulles International Airport Sunday night.” …

Submitter’s comment
— Voted NO on prohibiting product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers. (Oct 2005)
— Voted NO on prohibiting suing gunmakers & sellers for gun misuse. (Apr 2003)
— Voted NO on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1. (Jun 1999)
— Rated F by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun control voting record. (Dec 2003)

It’s easy to see why he’s so anti-gun. He thinks we all have as little self-control as he does.

In other news, his party affiliation was a mystery but I’m not sure how. Could’ve guessed when I got to the word California.

7 Responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. chris Says:

    Let me guess – did he assault a male or a female in the airport?

  2. Jumbo Says:

    There’s more truth to that than you may think. Years ago fellow career prosecutors and I were amazed at the constant charges of the most Gestapo-like behavior from a particular member of the defense bar. He routinely made accusations of police and prosecutorial misconduct of totalitarian proportions, and to hear him tell it we planted evidence, suborned perjury and coerced confessions in every case. Then we learned he had been a prosecutor many years before, and unfortunately of “Duke lacrosse” prosecutor Mike Nifong’s ilk. It all came clear to us then.

  3. Tucson Tarheel Says:

    People’s perceptions of reality are rooted in their own character, or lack thereof.

  4. Thomas Says:

    Someone needs to make up an ‘assault weapon’ tie in… maybe a photochop with this guy…

  5. Cactus Jack Says:

    I’m betting that this incident will be quietly covered up. Any takers?

  6. Xrlq Says:

    Could’ve guessed when I got to the word California.

    Most of San Diego County leans Republican. Not Filner’s district, obviously. As for me, if I hadn’t known of Filner before, I still could have guessed the party by the fact that he assaulted somebody.

  7. straightarrow Says:

    Iím betting that this incident will be quietly covered up. Any takers?

    Not me. I mean, think about it, he has already received preferential treatment. Instead of kissing the floor and being handcuffed, jailed and arraigned for assault and violation of TSA regs, he was allowed to continue his trip.

    No, I won’t fade that bet.

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