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Reasoned discourse

There was no better source for pro-gun information than the Brady Blog itself. So, they shut off comments after running some pretty hateful correspondence they had in a series entitled reasoned discourse. None of that stuff actually appeared on the blog, though. Additionally, other anti-gun blogs suffer the similar fates:

Another anti-gun blog starts up called Under Fire. Same situation where pro-gun folks quickly descend what with their facts and all. Activity is limited and comments are temporarily shut off.

Gonzo is a joke with no readers. And they don’t have comments.

Bryan Miller of Ceasefire NJ starts an anti-gun blog. PSH and moonbattery start on the first day, immediately followed by insults and calls for the waaahmbulance. And they are already heavily moderating comments.

In short, the anti-gun blogs are learning a lesson: they’re not effective when people can address their obfuscation, misrepresentations, and can counter their talking points. Propaganda typically fails when challenged. In other words, we’re winning.

And, we discover that one of the Brady Blog Commenters was a board member for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership. In short, we pro-gun guys are kinda kicking their butt.

But they never learn. Seems anti-gunner Robyn Ringler is hard at work crushing dissent by deleting comments here. Robb has screen captures of it here. And here is my comment, which has also gone down the memory hole.


It proves one thing and that is the anti gunners need only echo chambers. When there is actual discourse, they lose quite handily. It’s a beautiful thing. We win, they lose.

Says Robb:

But like vampires, the gun control enthusiasts fear sunlight and their own reflections.

Notice how the Brady Bunch doesn’t allow comments on their blog. Notice how Robyn Ringler has to moderate the comments and doesn’t allow dissent. And take my latest addition to my commenters, Alex who “loves his daughter more than you love your gun”. His blog doesn’t allow comments either. Yet he likes to come here and blather on about how us NRA Zombies are immune to facts when he ignores anything that doesn’t adhere to his stereotype of a “gun nut” (including that pesky fact that I’m not a member of any gun organization. Yet).

The Gun Guys? No comments. The VPC? No blog that I know of. At least they allow comments, however I’ve yet to see much in the way of anything worth commenting on. And don’t even try to video tape a Million Mom March meeting.

Most gun controllers thrive on misleading data, bending ‘facts’, appeals to authority (i.e. ivory tower scholars or police chiefs), and above all, the total control of the dialog. Truth and information to them is sunlight to vampires.

We pro-gunners leave our comments open. Feel free to challenge us. Because we’re better.

14 Responses to “Reasoned discourse”

  1. Jay Says: At least they allow comments, however I’ve yet to see much in the way of anything worth commenting on.

    (My comment — text below — was NOT allowed.)

    You ask: Why else would gun sellers advertise a Tec-9 as “fingerprint resistant”

    As is so often true, the path to enlightenment begins with asking the right questions.

    1) Why has no city, state, or country (even those with strict gun control laws) banned “fingerprint resistant” guns?

    2) An ad for a “fingerprint resistant” gun might be a powerful propaganda tool for gun control advocates. In view of this, why has the actual ad advertising a Tec-9 as “fingerprint resistant” never been shown or published by gun control advocates?

  2. Kevin Baker Says:

    I invited Ringler to open debate. Twice. Not only did she decline, she didn’t bother to respond.

    Right then I knew she wasn’t interested in “gun control,” she was just another gun banner who wouldn’t admit it publicly.

    Helmke’s blog was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it?

    My invitation to my readers is still open. No new takers.

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    […] Or perhaps the anti-gunners are realizing that they can’t compete in the blogosphere. […]

  4. Rustmeister Says:

    That’s why I rag on them from TGB. They have to live up to what they post without being able to make my comments go “poof”.

  5. Standard Mischief Says:

    Check out Robyn Ringler’s latest post. She’s reposting select comments a la Paul Helmke’s “reasoned discourse” series.

    I know what happens next.

    While wishing for someone’s death is childish, reposting the comment as a prelude or pretext to cut off comments makes you look like a drama queen. If you really believe the crap you’re trying to sell in you blog, try to appear like you actually have a backbone, the “persecuted weenie” look doesn’t flatter anyone.

  6. thirdpower Says:

    I questioned NancyRob’s points on the “where” site but they never showed up so I posted them again at mine:

    Never a response had.

    Now Alex has a bunch of stuff up on his “Ilove” site w/ the same old ad hominems and stereotypes. He reminds me of “Dr. Dino” who will only debate people under specific circumstances.

  7. straightarrow Says:

    yes, we are better. Not just better at logic, but morally better, by any measure. When they lose a point due to our better grasp of the truth, it also almost always exposes the immorality of their argument. So not only do we win the debate on points we actually show any and all readers that we are on the side of the angels, while they are on the other.

    Once they lose the pretense of moral superiority they lose all the pillars upholding their flawed policies and agendae.

  8. Guav Says:

    I am a regular over at Ringler’s blog, and it would be unfair to say that she doesn’t allow dissent—the majority of the comments there are from “us,” dissenting from and contradicting her posts.

    However, she does seem to have an extremely odd and inconsistent moderation policy (or lack of a policy). Two extremely mild comments of mine on two recent entries were not allowed through moderation, although they contained absolutely nothing insulting or offensive—they were just short replies to other comments there.

    I am extremely puzzled because she regularly allows my far more in depth comments, and then denies these two … I cannot make rhyme or reason of how she decides what to allow and what not to allow.

  9. SayUncle Says:

    guav, mine and robb’s were deleted. not just caught in moderation.

  10. Cactus Jack Says:

    “guav, mine and robb’s were deleted. not just caught in moderation.”
    If Robyn Ringler was truly interested in “reasoned discourse” she would’nt moderate the site at all. What it comes down to is censorship, plain and simple.

  11. Jacob Says:

    The mistake you guys are making is thinking that the antis were ever interested in a discussion over their ideas and policies either on their blogs, in the media or the legislature. They’re not. That’s why I don’t bother. Sure, their blogs are entertaining to read, but gun control is like a religion to them and their “god” wants them to take your guns.

  12. Justthisguy Says:

    Don’t discount the possible presence of the GNAA there, stirring up trouble.

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