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Boston Globe Straw Purchase Update

Alleged law-breaker and alleged journalist Steve Bailey (background here) has hit another snag. Seems the gun dealer involved refutes his claim to have engaged in a straw purchase (though Steve, evoking sixth grade playground rules, has since called a do-over):

Gun Week has learned from a source close to the investigation that the columnist and/or his companions at the Lebanon gun show in late 2005 apparently approached more than one dealer with inquiries about buying firearms. The dealer who finally sold them the gun asserted that he was not aware that the buyer was with Bailey—as both Bailey and Rosenthal have alleged—until about three months later, after reading a copy of Bailey’s Nov. 30, 2005 Globe column that circulated around the gun show. He promptly alerted New Hampshire state police to what he thought may have been a crime.

So, Steve, what gives?

One Response to “Boston Globe Straw Purchase Update”

  1. Cactus Jack Says:

    It’s looking pretty bad for Steve. He may want to stock up on these.

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