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Cops and common sense

A police officer has a well thought out editorial in the Arizona Republic.

It is due to that reality that I made a promise to myself many years ago: Whatever it requires, no member of this family will become someone’s victim.

He spends some time on the issue of home defense, of being armed to provide for that defense, but the most important thing that on which he focuses is that the police probably won’t make it to your house in time to stop something bad from happening.

The way he states his case isn’t opposed to the police, but rather points out the reality of an emergency situation – the cops aren’t waiting around for 911 calls, they’re out doing their jobs.

Read the whole thing.

One Response to “Cops and common sense”

  1. straightarrow Says:

    An old time cop who can be respected. Unfortunately cops like him seem to have gone out of style.