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Gun Ownership Falling in the Bay State

Well, at least legal gun ownership. David Codrea points out that gun licenses have fallen by 25% in the past six years in Massachusetts, while law enforcement still complain about the number of illegal guns. Massachusetts has been hemorrhaging population for a while now, to such an extent that it may lose a congressional seat in the next census.

Gun owners have been leaving at an even faster rate. Just in the gun blogosphere, we’ve had four out of five Bitch Girls, Denise and Sam of The Ten Ring, and Bruce of Mass No Looking Backwards. It’s no shocker that gun owners get fed up, and flee to states that are more respectful of their rights. The sad part is, the I’m sure the people who have created this situation couldn’t be happier. That is why when the next census comes around in a few years, I will throw a party to celebrate the dwindling political influence of the Bay State on national politics. We’ll see who’s happy then.

7 Responses to “Gun Ownership Falling in the Bay State”

  1. MadMan Says:

    Hey, Sebastian, what the hell is “dwingling”? Is that anything like dongling? And isn’t that illegal in MA anyhow?

  2. Sebastian Says:

    You don’t really want to know what a dwingling is 🙂

  3. straightarrow Says:

    Dwingling is the process of influx of career criminals who move into a region or locale where they have been guaranteed a supply of helpless victims due to legislative action and the departure of those unwilling to be victims even if it is mandated by law.

    I think Uncle should incorporate “dwingling” is his lexicon.

    Dwingling; the act of being dwingled; to dwingle is to reduce a human to the status of slaughterhouse livestock; dwinglee; a human treated as a cash cow for violent criminals, dwingler,also dwinglor; an elected representative of the slaughterhouse livestock, formerly humans.

  4. straightarrow Says:

    a dwinglee is also available as a profit source to corrupt state agencies and agents.

  5. Jay G Says:

    Some of us are still here, stuck in hell Massachusetts.

    Hey. Stuck in Massachusetts. What a great name for a blog…


  6. Jay G Says:

    Bloody hell. 4.5 picoseconds after I clicked “Submit Comment” I noticed that had used the close tag for bold rather than strikethrough…

  7. triticale Says:

    If we had left Illinois expressly because of the gun laws, we wouldn’t have gone to Wisconsin, but when the opportunity arose the gun laws were one of the clinchers. As it is even with a victim disarmament governor we still have more gun rights here.