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S.F. Gun Show Ban Justification Shifts

First they said it was because of illegal transactions in the parking lot. Now it’s because the neighbors demand it be shut down.

AssemblyCritter Mark Leno doesn’t really need a reason: “Even if there was never an illegal transfer of a gun as a result of a gun show, it would not matter to me,” Leno said. “I would still author the legislation.”

Then theres this “The idea of banning gun shows at the Cow Palace came directly from the neighbors,” Leno said this afternoon. “This is about local empowerment and control.”

What the article doesn’t mention is that the “neighbors” is the Sunnydale housing project. No disrespect intended, but there is darn little advice I’d take from anyone living in the “Dale” other than “RUN!”

20 Responses to “S.F. Gun Show Ban Justification Shifts”

  1. GG Says:

    Didn;t the gun ban already get overturned for being unconstitutional? This ciry is so nuts it is funny. I am so tired of these fascist supervisors…

  2. Ron Nord Says:

    San Francisco has or had the highest unsolved murder rate in the United States, their clearance rate was less than 30%. What they don’t tell you is that 85% of the deaths are drug dealers or drug orientated and that a very high percentage are gang related. This of course means you should disarm all law abiding citizens for the drug related deaths of gangsters. Makes a lot of sense, this coming from a mayor just caught screwing his best friends wife, a District Attorney who won’t go for the death sentence for a cop killer. Mr. Leno is a nanny type legislator who thinks you can legislate killers out of existence by doing away with the instruments rather than the perpetrator. There is a high murder rate because of people like this, the cops don’t care anymore, they have been brutalized by the nannification of the local PC officials.

  3. Daniel Says:

    I need no further proof for myself – to never visit San Francisco.

    They just can’t think straight.

  4. sestamibi Says:

    Um, I assume the critter is proposing this as a statewide ban. Isn’t the Cow Palace just across the city line in Daly City?

  5. Larry Says:

    I live in Sodom by the Bay (exiled from my home in Southern California–long story). About five years ago, I had a burglary at my apartment while I was at work. When the police asked for a list of stolen goods, I included an un-registered .38 Colt poliece special. When the cops asked why it wasn’t registered, I pointed to my law degree and license, and said “The Constitution.” They laughed and said “good for you.” The beat cop believes in an armed citizenry. Statements to the contrary come from the lefty police union officials. Of course, they’d just as soon see none of the violent felons in Sunnydale and environs armed. Heavy gang territory. Of course, they’re not as influential as the gang at City Hall.

  6. AM Edition Says:

    Ah, the old gun ban mantra: If at first you don’t succeed, move the goalposts.

  7. Sebastian Says:

    Philosophical Question:

    If you get an Instalaunch on Uncle’s site, is it his instalaunch, or yours? 🙂

  8. anonymous Says:

    A match, a knife, a stone, a stick; a car, a rope, a spike, a brick,

    With these, crimes happen every day; but only guns we take away.

    Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao; all confiscated guns somehow.

    Thus suppressed, their people fled or joined 100 million dead.

  9. Tyler Blalock Says:

    Being from the SF area, I can tell you that many of us have guns and like guns and a statewide handgun ban would not pass. There is no way that citizens would vote for it, and if the legislature passed it, it would be declared unconstitutional in quick order.

    Personally I think that the benefits of living in SF outweigh any concerns that I would have about not being able to have a gun in the city. Cosmopolitan living is well worth having at the price of gun rights.

  10. Del Simmons Says:

    Well, Tyler. We’ll all know that when you loose your rights you’ll be perfectly happy since there is a Starbucks and a small theater right down the street!

    Have at it, my friend! If you loose your rights, you’ll be getting what you deserve, with an attitude like that..

  11. Tam Says:

    Cosmopolitan living is well worth having at the price of gun rights.

    *sprays coffee on monitor*

    May your chains rest lightly on you, and not make you look fat.

  12. Santiago Valenzuela Says:

    Or you can move to a city that provides cosmopolitan living *with* guns!

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, here, moved to Dallas the second I turned 18. Have never, ever looked back.

    I live in a bad neighborhood (putting myself through school/life) and shoot regularly. Its not an either/or proposition, you lazy man.

  13. Linoge Says:

    Permanent answer to NIMBYism: If you do not like what is going on in the property “next door” to yours, buy the damned property.

    Case closed :).

  14. mojo Says:

    You can have all the guns you want, even full-auto! Just move to Sunnydale…

  15. Ron Nord Says:

    ” Cosmopolitan living is well worth having at the price of gun rights.” Criminals always have guns don’t you know that Tyler, thats because they are criminals, they don’t care about your stinking laws Tyler and if they can’t shoot you, they just stomp you to death because thats what they do. If they don’t have any stomping boots Tyler, they use a knife or brick and after they croak you, they get your Momma. Guns are for honest people, not criminals Tyler, they are to save your bacon in dire straits. You hope like hell that time never comes because you know that in San Francisco the response time is 15 minutes. Know what can happen in 15 minutes Tyler if you don’t have a gun?

  16. SayUncle Says:

    There is no way that citizens would vote for it


  17. SF Miguelito Says:

    Reality check for Tyler.

    I’ve faced-off with an intruder before…my .357 persuaded him to leave post-haste. And, after having my car broken-into last week, I’m convinced I still need to keep my piece at home (SF).

    I’ll be keeping my sidearm…regardless of Mark Leno’s illogical ramblings.

  18. Doug Says:

    Yet another reason in a looooonnnnng, long list that I give thanks each and every day I was able to leave “Baghdad by the Bay” many years ago. And have never looked back! Oh, and Tyler, are you also willing to give up the other guarantees in our Bill of Rights for the sake of “cosmopolitan living”? Geeze, what a foolish thing to say!?!?!?

  19. Xrlq Says:

    Didn’t the gun ban already get overturned for being unconstitutional?

    As Bill Clinton said to his new intern, close but no cigar. The handgun ban (both of them, actually – they tried the same stunt in 1982) was struck down on preemption grounds, not a constitutional challenge. California has no RKBA. Unless, of course, you subscribe to the view that California is part of the United States.

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