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My bad

Apparently, August is the month for Ahab to eat crow – and so I shall continue. In this post, I managed to create the mistaken impression that find people being shot to be humerous. I don’t.

Initially, I thought that the guy had missed the lawyer, until I watched it through the 2nd time and heard what the eyewitness had to say. In light of the fact that the lawyer actually was hit, and almost died, the video lost the vast majority of its humor, although the part where the deputy takes the guy down was still pretty funny.

Uncle quite accurately pointed out that I’m scaring whitey again, since this is his house and not mine I felt that this post was in order.

The only thing I really have to say to R. Neil is that he should probably read up on the concept of black humor.

3 Responses to “My bad”

  1. serr8d Says:

    The only thing I’d have to say to R. Neal is to kiss my a$$…that Knoxville KOS Poseur.

    If he didn’t like it, it must have some redeeming value!

  2. Brian Says:

    I’d like to know what the guy shooting at the lawyer was actually using. My guess is a 9mm with FMJ cartridges. I only wonder because the video does serve as a learning tool when you consider that the lawyer was actually shot, and was still quite mobile for a while. As it is, too many people don’t understand that just because a gun is capable of killing someone doesn’t mean it can do it fast enough to protect you in the event that simply brandishing it doesn’t run the thug off in the first place.

  3. Brian Says:

    I’d actually like to qualify that earlier comment. I’m not suggesting that this is a learning tool on how to do a better job of killing a lawyer (just so I don’t scare any more white people). But actual video footage of someone being shot is rare, and video that proves that just being shot once or twice doesn’t magically drop you instantly is a valuable reminder to anyone that uses a handgun for protection.

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