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Seen at Nashville Was Talking, comes this:

“Most bloggers wouldn’t last an hour under the journalistic quality control that a newspaper demands.” -Liz Garrigan, Editor-in-Chief of the Nashville Scene, a paper that printed fabricated information about a mayoral candidate

Yeah, taking dictation from interest groups is hard work and is subject to strict scrutiny. And when someone says something about it, your typical newspaper sticks its fingers in its ears and shouts lalalalala.

3 Responses to “Really?”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    Eh? I dunno about that. We’re open to 24 hour a day editorial feedback from literally every human being with a computer and an internet connection. And, unlike the paper, we’ll correct our stories as soon as we find out.

    Well, those of us who value truth over a preset narrative (*cough*lefties*cough*).

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