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Don’t look now

But reasoned discourse has started with Bryan Miller. He seems to think that Michael Sullivan (head of ATF) is an evil Bushite. Not only does he suffer from hoplophobia, he seems to have a case of moonbattery. I think the cure for the latter involves foil, two layers with the shiny side out.

One Response to “Don’t look now”

  1. _Jon Says:

    I’ve learned the term “Bushite” to be a very bad label – and very accurate.
    He seems to have “rewarded” many people with high-level jobs that they were not sufficiently skilled for. They were willing to follow an agenda and they had the right color voting record – so they got the job.

    I’m very unhappy with the appointees of this guy.

    What is *really* infuriating is that the opposing team presented two choices who were *so fucking bad* that this was the best alternative. That says a _lot_.

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