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Mo’ caca

So, Macca was found to be a Brady Board Member. You can read about it here. Well, I should be clear. A lot of circumstantial evidence indicated who Macca likely was. And I’m torn between revealing that evidence or not. (ETA: reveal evidence not identity) Sure, I could (with Sebastian’s permission) state how but then others following in Macca’s steps would know how we (ETA: and by we, I mean Sebastian) did it.

Macca has now denied it. Macca claims we’re avoiding the issue by drawing attention Macca’s ties with the Brady Camp. I issued Macca a challenge:

you can post at my blog whenever you want. Iíll set you up as an author. You can make your case. I and my readers will make ours. Comments there will be welcomed.

I doubt Macca will take me up on it. And, boy, would that annoy readers.

Anyway, here’s some thoughts:

Macca may be denying it because Macca’s antics were not sanctioned by (or even known about by) the BC.

We’ve not publicly outed Macca for a few reasons and they are:

  • I don’t think outing people serves any particular purpose.
  • As someone who blogs pseudonymously, I can see why someone would. However, I don’t hold myself out as someone I am not.
  • If we outed Macca, there would be allegations of The Evil Gun Lobby picking on some poor activist.
  • The whole reasoned discourse series over at the Brady Blog was the justification for their shutting down comments.

    We’ll probably see some press about how those poor, poor souls at the BC had to shut down comments because of the vile rhetoric and threats from the pro-gun side, what with all their facts and sources and stuff. They’ll cite the reasoned discourse series, even though those comments did not appear on the blog.

    The BC has figured out how to turn off trackbacks now. Teehee. So much for that reasoned discourse, eh?

    Switch roles for a moment and assume it was the NRA shutting down reasoned discourse. It’d get a write up in the NYT and the WaPo.

    Update: BTW, in comments, Jared states that:

    Kelli [the other anti-gun commenter at the Brady blog – ed] is exactly who she says she is. Iíve verified it through documentation available to me. I will not stand for her arguments but I will personally attest to her honesty in identifying herself to the extent that she has.

    Good to know.

    8 Responses to “Mo’ caca”

    1. Robb Allen Says:

      And macca should remain macca. If you were to “out” her true identity, I’d actually lose a little respect for you. I blog under my own name because, well, I’m a friggin’ idiot and it’s too late to put that genie back in the bottle. But I can understand why others don’t.

      Pointing out her hypocrisy is the best thing you can do. It damages her and the Brady Bunch because it shows the level of lies they have to go through just to even remotely make it seem like people support their positions.

      We don’t need her name, pictures, or anything else to get our point across. Even though Kelli~ disagrees, I truly respect their ability to protect themselves and don’t wish to see them put in any danger. There are plenty of real gun nuts who think it’s their place to threaten anti’s. Let’s not give them incentive or ability.

    2. Thirdpower Says:

      macca has ignored other offers to debate in a non-Brady Bunch environment. She claims to care about reducing “trafficking” but when pressed on measures that may effect it that don’t fit into the Brady scheme of things, the questions go unanswered.

      You’ll never get her to write here. She can’t handle actual debate.

    3. Greg Morris Says:

      I post under my real name because I am perfectly OK with people knowing who I am. I have no reason to hide my identity, although I have nothing against those who do. There are still times when I will post using a handle, but never as a “sock puppet” or something similar. I usually use my normal online handle, which anyone with 5 minutes on their hands can link directly to my real name anyway. I agree about not outing macca. I don’t even care if he/she/it is a member of the board, a staffer, or just some random loony liberal. It doesn’t matter. While they’ll probably cry foul about our supposed abuse of their blog, I think all of us are more than happy to invite them to our blogs for “reasoned discourse”.

    4. Rabbit Says:

      Macca lives ‘around the corner’ from me, it seems.

      I’d like to extend a genuine, honest invitation to Macca to come meet me and some of my local cohort who get together about once a month, should Macca wish, at one of the local ranges.

      We’re not rabid, but we are responsible and forthright about standing up for what we believe.

      Yeah, Rabbit isn’t the name on my birth certificate, but it’s what folks who know me have called me for the last 30 years. So?


    5. Jared McLaughlin Says:

      I made a concious decision to use my real name. I’ve been on the internet behind various psuedonyms for a decade and a half. I’m taking personal accountability for my statements and the results of them. It’s a personal thing for me. It keeps me honest. I also respect those that have made other decisions.

    6. straightarrow Says:

      I don’t blog because I don’t know how to get started or much about computers. However, I use a pseodonym because it has sentimental value to me from when my children were. I don’t hide whatever it is one is supposed to hide if they want to remain secret and I always register under my real name, so no one has a real problem figuring out who I am if they happen to think it important.

      I don’t really care for people knowing who I am, but I don’t really understand why it would matter. I always read for content. The source, for me, grants no credibility. The ideas should stand on their own merit or fall, without the influence of the author’s identity.

    7. SayUncle Says:

      Arrow, go to Pretty easy to set up a blog.

    8. SayUncle » Reasoned discourse Says:

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