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YouTube Baby Guy & Media Bias

Seems the guy who asked Joe Biden about his baby (Jered Townsend) got a bit of a write up:

Townsend called the Biden response “kind of off-kilter,” adding: “I think he hurt himself. A lot of people who are out there said, ‘We are all gun owners. He lost my vote.’”


“Whatever,” Townsend retorted Tuesday. “I’m not the one on stage trying to get the presidency, making myself look like an idiot. … And if I did make myself look like an idiot, I don’t care.”

While Townsend’s means of asking his question probably shocked your average Democrat, Biden’s response that this guy was crazy and looking at him like he had cooties probably damaged Biden (and Democrats) with gun owners. And they had been making waves lately with shedding their gun banning image. But this ain’t a post about that, it’s a post about this:

Why did CNN choose that video? My understanding was CNN chose the questions to be aired. And do you think there weren’t other people asking about gun control in a much less dramatic way? In a way that might not scare your average liberal? And this is the video they showed?

Well, can’t read too much into it since the also let a snowman ask about global warming.

13 Responses to “YouTube Baby Guy & Media Bias”

  1. Kristopher Says:

    You know the answer: to make gun owners look insane.

    All they accomplished was to make it clear the Dem-Cong hate the second amendment. Even their own NRA “A” rated poster boy lost it on camera over gun shows.


  2. Adam Lawson Says:

    People like DiFi pretty much irreparably damaged the national Democratic Party with me. I will never, ever, forgive them for the attempt to get the AWB passed again by attaching it to a bill to prevent victims of crimes to sue innocent manufacturers. Her and Ted “Armor Piercing Rounds” Kennedy pretty well sealed my hate of the national party.

    I’m part of the elusive “youth vote.” Except I actually vote. I don’t like being treated like a criminal and I really don’t like being told I’m mentally ill. The national party should pull away from this guy. But I doubt anyone will speak up.

  3. ben Says:

    I wonder why they didn’t use this video instead?

  4. Ned Williams Says:

    Here is Michelle Malkin’s denuding of Biden’s derisive answer.

  5. ss Says:

    That’s the problem with this YouTube “debate.” It actually allows for more media manipulation of the questions than normal, since they get to choose slanted questions from a wide array, and then deny bias on grounds that it was a “legitimate question from a real person.” It’s the way they “frame” the issues. The big gun was not just designed to scare liberals, but to also scare moderates, both Democratic and Republican. The media have an election to win here, after all.

  6. Jim O'Sullivan Says:

    That’s why the YouTube debate was nothing revolutionary; it was just a slightly-modified version of business-as-usual for the liberal media. CNN gets its bias into the event through its selection of the questions, instead of just having Anderson Cooper ask the slanted questions. The good news is, of course, is that the videos forced the Dems to swerve left, for all to see, when they need to tack to the middle to win in ’08.

  7. SayUncle Says:

    Dems to swerve left, for all to see, when they need to tack to the middle to win in ‘08.

    they need the left now for the primary. middle comes later.

  8. Jim O'Sullivan Says:

    Sorry, I just noticed after posting that I added practically nothing to what SS posted while I was writing! Yes, the pompous lefties at CNN wanted to scare moderates with visions of extra-chromosome gun-toters that must be controlled by the state for your own good. I believe it backfired (no pun intended).

  9. Neo Says:

    I have to agree with “SS”.

    Can anyone say that there were any new probing questions asked ?

    This gun question was one of the best, as it seemed to be one of the softest of the soft balls that could be pitched at these Democrats, and Biden swallowed it, ball and all.

    It reminds me of a question that Bill Clinton got in one of the Clinton-Bush debates about the independence of the Federal Reserve. It was obvious by the look on Clinton’s face that he had never even thought about the question before, so he winged it. In the process of answering the question in favor of independence, he managed to begin the process of driving Texas Rep. Gonzalez, then chairman of the House Banking Committee, crazy. Gonzalez had been trying to bring control of the Fed under the wing of Congress. After three years of the Clinton Administration and a year into the Democratic loss of the House and his chairmanship, Gonzalez’s dream had so been eroded that he refused to show up during the last year he was in Congress.

  10. Cactus Jack Says:

    The dem-nazis make it sooooo easy to decide who NOT to vote for.

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