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My babies

Oh noes! Joe Biden thinks that if you own an evil black rifle, you’re not mentally qualified to own a gun. Wait. So, wanting to own one means you’re not qualified to. We can apply the same not-logic to presidentin’: Biden wants to be president therefore is not mentally qualified to be one. But don’t worry, Joe, the odds of you actually becoming president are about the same as me actually becoming president. Only, I won’t spend millions of someone else’s dollars to figure that out.

And Richardson, ordinarily a friend to gun owners, quickly lost his cool and went on about gun shows.

Update: Glenn notes: The big news isn’t the diminution in Biden’s already microscopic chances of becoming President, but the collateral damage to other candidates and the Democrats’ brand. It’s hard to win swing states if gun owners hate you. Biden just exacerbated a problem the Democrats have been trying, with some success, to ameliorate.


BTW, I must have some serious mental deficiencies:

boo, barry

Update 2: Video:

25 Responses to “My babies”

  1. Jeff Soyer Says:

    I’ll probably be in the cell next to yours at Happy Dale Nut House. Hope they have wi-fi so we can keep blogging. . .

  2. Standard Mischief Says:

    A series of You-Tubes; this clip wasn’t too hard to find.

  3. Unix-Jedi Says:

    But, But, But, what of all the people who told us that Democrats had learned their lessons?

    That they weren’t going to go near the petard of Gun Control again?

    It wasn’t just a facade, an attempt to bait and switch, that it was a Real Conversion?!?!

    Surely, they weren’t… No, they couldn’t have been….

  4. Adam Lawson Says:

    Maybe I need to pay more attention, but the part of this that surprised me most: Biden is still running. Or, rather, someone other than Hillary/Obama/Edwards/Gravel/Kucinich is still running. The last two, of course, you hear about only for comic relief. Those are the only names I’ve heard recently, until this. (but I didn’t watch the debate last night)

    Someone needs to tell Joe Biden: “Hey, plagiarist-guy, when the only thing someone hears about you is that you think he’s mentally unstable, you’re not going to get his vote.”

  5. Dudley Smith Says:

    I’m sure all gun questions will be purged from the next debate to avoid any embarassment to the candidates, just like the immigration ones have been, or the questions about Islamic radicalism.

  6. clazy Says:

    That was brilliant! What a sucker–so easy to draw his disdain for gun owners. He could have chuckled at the “baby” reference, but no. He’s a sucker.

  7. Gringo_Malo Says:

    Actually, there is logic behind the argument that anyone who wants to be president must be a nutcase. The next president is going to find that he has a lot more government dependents to support than he has taxpayers to support them. The presidency will no longer be fun.

  8. Random Nuclear Strikes » There are a couple of phrases Says:

    […] Uncle has the video. […]

  9. anon Says:

    Bill Richardson talks a good game, but there is a gaping hole in his views (related to to your catch on the checks on private/show sales): Richardson calls it ‘gun violence’. I have a BIG problem with that. NewsFlash Bill: I don’t have any violent guns. Mine behave themselves quite well and always do exactly what they’re told. The fact that he considers it ‘gun violence’, rather than just ‘violence’ where the perpetrators use guns, shows that he has the wrong mindset. We don’t need an instant check! If there is anyone out there that would fail an instant check, then why are they walking the streets at all? If you have a known criminal who you wouldn’t trust with a gun, how can you, in good conscience, call him ‘rehabilitated’ and then release them? We DON’T need gun control. We NEED criminal control.

  10. anon Says:

    Additionally, the whole Democrat meme on gun show sales not undergoing instant checks is complete BS because anyone paying attention already knows that anyone who doesn’t have an FFL and goes buying/selling at multiple gun shows is going to have the ATF bursting through their door, guns drawn, for selling without a license (despite the fact that there is no written definition for how many is too many). The ‘private seller’ has, for all intents and purposes, already been rendered extinct by the waffen ATF.

    Even after all that, even a Dem came out and said that all 20,000+ US gun laws were unconstitutional…it still wouldn’t matter, because that candidate, if successful, would still appoint liberal judges who would destroy our rights at every turn. Democrats, quite simply, can NEVER be trusted on gun issues.

  11. chris Says:

    At least Biden is honest about telling us how he feels about guns.

    And hey, thanks for the reminder that he is still a candidate – I had completely forgotten.

  12. #9 Says:

    Pretty disappointed in Bill Richardson. Still my Demo pick if it comes to it, I hope someone else comes in the race and I don’t mean Algore. I know about Fred Thompson’s various warts but so far, warts and all, he is the top of the food chain, as it were. God, is this the best this country can do? It is like picking between a dirt sandwich and a mud sandwich.

    On a different note, two people in this country I do not want to have their finger on the button, Hillary and John Edwards. Hillary because she is too unstable, Edwards because the people that would want to attack us would know he is a pussy and incapable of making the call.

    I am really tired of Obama trying to be the new John Kennedy. Give it a rest. You don’t have the curriculum vitae dude. You notice Uncle I didn’t use the “r” word.

  13. thirdpower Says:

    Paul of the Brady Bunch figured out how to use UTube:

  14. DirtCrashr Says:

    The YouTube whole candidate debate, as someone else said, is just a big Commercial Advertisement for the Democrat party. It’s a big smokescreen to fill the airwaves with balloons and baboons and confetti promises.

  15. Peregrine John Says:

    Dang! Nice deficiencies, SayUncle! Very pretty babies.

  16. Greg Morris Says:

    That’s it. Time for me to buy a black rifle. I’ve stuck with standard wooden stocks for so long, because I find them easier to shoot from the hip… pistol grips make me twist my wrist a funny way when I want to spray bullets everywhere. I guess I’ll just have to suck it up.

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    […] SaysUncle talks about his gun lust and that he didn’t like Biden suggesting a questioner may not be mentally qualified to own a gun. You must admit, it is a rather different sort of person that calls his guns – ‘his babies.’ […]

  21. #9 Says:

    Let’s review, if you blog here you are a terrorist. If you own a gun you are crazy. If you wish to protect your constitutional right to defend yourself you are a militia gun nut.

    Does that just about wrap it up Senator Biden?

    Thank you for sharing Senator, your services for President will not be needed. Have a nice day.

  22. Sebastian Says:

    The Senator from Delaware must really like the taste of shoe leather given all the time he spends sticking his foot in his mouth.

  23. #9 Says:

    They give shots at the Capitol for hoof and mouth disease but I hear it is now drug resistant.

  24. Cowboy Blob Says:

    Vote Freedom! Do it for the Babies!

  25. markm Says:

    Anyone who wants to be President is mentally unqualified, and probably ought to be locked up where he only has dolls to abuse? I figured that out 40 years ago.

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