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James McMillan’s videos on YouTube brings EPA Crackdown to Knox County Developers

Local farmer and stormwater champion James McMillan has used technology to prove a point he has tried to make for years. That Knox County Commission has failed the people of Knox County with ineffective stormwater codes and enforcement. The solution, bring EPA to Knox County.

By using YouTube James McMillan has done just that. You can see the twenty three YouTube videos of stormwater flooding here.

WBIR has more:

Anyone can see muddy water running off the Rushland Park Subdivision on Millertown Pike in East Knox County. Why? Because a nearby farmer discovered the power of the Internet site, “YouTube.”

James McMillan has posted video on the Web of the runoff from the Saddlebrook Development site that’s caused problems for surrounding property owners.

“This creates flooding problems and damage to other people’s property,” James McMillan explained. “Reasonable and responsible development doesn’t damage others.”

McMillan is happy to hear his video also helped the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) come down on Rushland Park and two other developments for violating the Clean Water Act.

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