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GLOCK manual safety?

So reports the Gun Zone.

8 Responses to “GLOCK manual safety?”

  1. #9 Says:

    Is this the result of some Bid Spec? I like the intuitiveness of the Glock as it is now.

    Acquire target, pull trigger. It is hard to improve on that.

    I know, I know Glock leg. I could be wrong, but I thought that was a doofus and/or training issue.

  2. Ninth Stage Says:

    I thought Glocks were perfect already? How can they become more [insert superlative of choice]?

  3. sean Says:

    Ninth Stage is right. Glocks are perfect just the way they are, why go messing with perfection? Glocks have the best safety ever. Your finger. Must be the ‘Nanny State’ striking again. Shame.

  4. Chris Byrne Says:

    Yes, its from a bid spec. They designed the safety system to compete for the JSOC Joint Combat Pistol program (since cancelled).

    The safety was originally only going to be used on the G21SF (whch looks really interesting by the way). I had no idea they were going to put it into any other guns.

  5. Snowflakes in Hell » Isn’t Half the Point It Doesn’t Have One? Says:

    […] I’m not buying a Glock with a manual safety. […]

  6. The Other Mike S Says:

    Could be part of trying to get ahead of the curve here in the People’s Republic of California. A new law up for vote, AB 1471, will consider a handgun as an “unsafe handgun” if:

    (b) For a pistol:
    (1) It does not have a positive manually operated safety device,
    as determined by standards relating to imported guns promulgated by
    the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

    This garbage is in addition to the new requirement for micro-stamping spent cartridges.

  7. gattsuru Says:

    Either that, or to keep the lucrative glock leg glock floor doughnut muncher law enforcement market.

  8. phelps Says:

    It’s like glock doesn’t want my business. Now I get to look at the “they make this model with a manual safety and you decided not to buy it” jackass legal argument now.

    Thanks for dropping a steamer on your loyal customers!

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