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Drought, what drought?

So, lack of rain here lately. SayUncle household average monthly water bill: $30. Most recent: $200. And the yard is still crunchy.

3 Responses to “Drought, what drought?”

  1. Rustmeister Says:

    If you don’t water, it won’t grow.

    If it don’t grow, you don’t have to cut it.

    If you don’t cut it, you don’t burn gas or create pollution from your lawnmower.

    Let your grass die, save the planet!

  2. Les Jones Says:

    Yeah, my next water bill should be a doozie.

    Rustmeister: it’s not just grass. Two weeks ago I planted a thousand dollars worth of skip laurels and a bunch of other stuff besides, and that isn’t counting the landscaper’s fees or the $500 to rent a Bobcat for a long weekend. I really don’t want all that stuff to die.

  3. Rustmeister Says:

    Oh, yeah, been following that.

    Get a soaker strip. Much better on water usage.