Thanks, County


In a year when Senator Kyle says taxpayers should demand lower property taxes AND in a year that Blount County will receive almost $1 million more in State funds, Blount County Commissioners are going to require Blount County taxpayers to take EVEN More money from their family budgets.

I wonder what blogging Blount County Commissioner Wendy will say. She did vote No and hats off to her.

2 Responses to “Thanks, County”

  1. Mindy says:

    “The County Commission approved the $39.6 million”

    “The budget includes a maximum 5 percent, performance-based raise for county employees, which costs about $1 million to budget. “

    This means the 1/2 of the county’s budget is in county employees ????
    What ever happened to simple things like Roads, and schools.


  2. Drake says:

    Now, now Uncle…don’t you realize uncle your taxes pay for sidewalks, police and fire services and social programs that benefit the underprivileged?

    and pet projects and pork and crap no one with a lick of sense wants etc