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That’s unpossible

Seems outlaw gangs in Australia are using guns. How can that be what with the sweeping gun laws and all of that?

3 Responses to “That’s unpossible”

  1. #9 Says:

    Damn criminals, why can’t they just obey the law? At least in Australia you can still use a knife to defend yourself. But gun beats knife so to level the playing field you have to become a criminal and carry a gun?

  2. Captain Holly Says:

    Cool. Do the cops drive turbocharged V-8 interceptors, wear leather, and carry sawed-off pistol shotguns, too?

  3. Gringo_Malo Says:

    NSW Liberal MP Bruce Baird today said the ease with which guns could be legally purchased should be reexamined.

    “I think we can have stricter (laws). The way in which you can buy guns with relative ease I think needs again to be looked at,” Mr Baird said.

    Huh? I thought Aussies needed to get a license before they could buy a gun. To get the license, they need to give a reason for owning the gun, and self-defense is not considered a valid reason. Sure hope this disease never makes its way to Texas.