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Seems a man had a gun while saving a neighbors life. He was then fired because, err, his employers are retarded.

5 Responses to “Fired”

  1. #9 Says:

    I believe his employer crossed the line. Sounds like a good test case in court. I hope he pursues it.

  2. Rick DeMent Says:

    Again as with the other case you wrote about I’m not so sure the employer has any freaking choice in the matter. I am pretty sure that all companies have to have the no gun policy in please in oder to get necessary insurance to stay in business.

    Instead of ragging on the business owners I would look into this a bit further. This case is more complicated because the guy lives and works in the same place so there are issues of if he is acting as a re3sident or a worker, but most businesses don’t really care about nuance if they are about to lose their ability to do business.

    I would challenge you to find any business other then a sole proprietorship that allows packed workers or allows workers to use a firearm (except of course police, security and other businesses who pay the insurance to do so). My guess is that this is the overwhelming norm not the exception.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Rick, I think you answered your own question in this case. He lived there and was an employee. I suppose that is a fine line. It is a business and can do what it wants. And I can criticize them or, in the case of pizza hut, not patronize them.

  4. Lyle Says:

    I can not possibly buy the insurance argument.

    My insurance companies at two different business, including a music store, plus my home, have guns listed on the policy. If there’s an insurance company that has anti self defense, anti 2nd Amendment policies, find another insurance company.

    Besides, there are laws, enforced or not, that call for criminal prosecution of anyone who attempts to prevent or disuade another citizen from exercising their Constitutionally protected rights. See 18USC 241 and 242.

    As long as they’re allowed to get away it, without paying a high price, these things will continue to happen. That company needs to be ground into the pavement for their bigoted, anti-American, anti-social behavior.

  5. Adam Lawson Says:

    He was snoozing when it went down. Sounds to me like he was off the clock. So, I can’t buy that he was acting as an employee at the time.

    Unless they pay him to sleep, in which case, I hear they have an opening.

    They’re just being dicks. I don’t care what their policy is, he put himself in potential danger by going to her aid. The person who shot her could have still been there.

    The next time someone gets shot on the premises, I hope the place gets sued to all hell by the victim/their family for making it clear they don’t like legal uses of guns to defend/protect.