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Wrong house


Law-enforcement officers raided the wrong house and forced a 77-year-old La Plata County woman on oxygen to the ground last week in search of methamphetamine.

The raid occurred about 11 a.m. June 8, as Virginia Herrick was settling in to watch “The Price is Right.” She heard a rustling outside her mobile home in Durango West I and looked out to see several men with gas masks and bulletproof vests, she said.

Herrick went to the back door to have a look.

“I thought there was a gas leak or something,” she said.

But before reaching the door, La Plata County Sheriff’s deputies shouted “search warrant, search warrant” and barged in with guns drawn, she said. They ordered Herrick to the ground and began searching the home.

“They didn’t give me a chance to ask for a search warrant or see a search warrant or anything,” she said in a phone interview Thursday. “I’m not about to argue with those big old guys, especially when they’ve got guns and those big old sledgehammers.”

The police didn’t get the numbers right: “There is a big difference between 74 and 82,” he said, referring to the house numbers.

3 Responses to “Wrong house”

  1. Kit Says:

    I still don’t understand how this happens. In Montana, at least, not only does the warrant have the address, it has a *physical description* of the house. And in my town, we also have a policy of having someone who has actually previously been to the house go along to point it out just in case.

  2. JustDoIt Says:

    Well, no one ever said you had to be smart to be a JBT.

  3. existingthing Says:

    Pay no attention, it’s just another “isolated incident”… just like all the others.