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Still falling for it

A puff piece on The American Hunters & Shooters Association. The AHSA is a false pro-gun organization. You can read about their exploits at:

Gun law news – follows the money.


The most telling thing about AHSA is its leadership. A quick look at the website shows that Bob Ricker is listed as AHSA Executive Director. Hunters will remember that Ricker is a former NRA employee who switched sides and has actively worked for gun control groups for many years now. Most recently Ricker was paid by a Virginia based anti-gun group, where he lobbied to shut down gun shows and put further restrictions on gun owners.

John Rosenthal is listed as President of the AHSA Foundation. Rosenthal is one of the founders of the Massachusetts based group Stop Handgun Violence, a group that has been a major force in passing some of the most draconian state gun laws in the nation.

Petzal has background on their leadership.

Cam has more on that.

And I do to: here, here, here and here.

Update: Jeff has more: 5,000 v. 4,000,000

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